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September 12, 2019

Six Reasons a Stay in a Luxury Boutique Hotel is an Absolute Must for Your Next Holiday

Where it used to be that luxury travel was something that you may only splurge on once in a while, today people are realising more than ever just how attainable this style of holiday is thanks to the many options that exist out there. These days, it is no longer just about the destination that makes it “luxury” travel; there are a number of factors and criteria that determine just how opulent and luxurious your trip truly is. One of the biggest factors when booking a luxury vacation is accommodations. Where you stay can literally make or break the entire holiday.

Here we’ll take a look at a real growing trend in the luxury travel industry – the boutique hotel. This style of hotel can be found all over the world and has a number of great advantages going for it. So, let’s examine the top six reasons you should consider a stay in a boutique hotel on your next holiday.

Take Advantage of Prime Locations

One of the top reasons that travellers often end up staying in boutique hotels is the fact they are known for being in prime locations. Boutique hotels aren’t typically sprawling properties, which means you can find them in busy congested city centres camouflaged as part of a city’s existing architecture.

And it’s not just city centres where you’ll find this style of property, as they also can be found on secluded islands and beaches, in small quaint villages and towns and even the countryside. They are extremely well-known within the travel industry for securing some of the best locations out there.

Take, for example, the stunning coastal and beach boutique hotel offerings through 7Boutique Hotels. With 7Boutique Hotels, you will only find boutique hotel accommodations, and the company ensures they are in the best locations out there. It’s not meant to feel like a standard typical hotel, quite the opposite, in fact. This is solidified by the fact that each and every boutique hotel is hand-picked.

Unique Accommodations

Then there is the fact that boutique hotels tend to offer a real unique factor. They don’t resemble a cookie-cutter resort or chain hotel where each and every room is a carbon copy. Boutique style hotels are known for having rooms that are individually decorated, have their own feel and vibe, and tend to feel authentic to the region they are in. The accommodations aren’t going to blur together with every other hotel you’ve stayed in on past holidays, instead, they will be memorable.

Take Advantage of the Personal Touch

Another comment that guests typically have is that they don’t feel like just a number, just a body in the room; rather, they receive personalised treatment from the staff. Guests are made to feel special and appreciated, and the staff go out of their way to ensure a guest’s stay is perfect.

Because these styles of hotels tend to be smaller than a chain hotel, it’s also common for the front desk staff and other staff to get to know your face and name, adding to the personal touch.

Luxury Amenities are Common

If you’re the type that loves luxury amenities, this is another area where boutique hotels tend to excel in. Everything from luxurious bed linens, to high-quality toiletry items and comfortable mattresses, are typical in boutique hotels. It really gives you the opportunity to feel as though you’re truly getting away and escaping the everyday stresses of life. It’s meant to be a pampering experience.

They Can Accommodate Special Requests

For those who have special requests while on holidays, a boutique hotel can also be a great option, as it’s common for them to be able to accommodate their guests. This can range from early check-in to extra bed linens, or even the layout or location of the room. It’s all about making the guests happy and providing them with that luxurious and memorable stay.

Take Advantage of the Staff’s Knowledge of the Area

Finally, there is the fact that the staff at these boutique hotels tend to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to their city/town/village. They can inform you of the best places to eat and shop, what are the must-visit attractions and sites, the best ways to get around, and other useful insider tips. Some can even arrange tours for you, restaurant reservations, and ticket bookings.

A Stay Like No Other

With so many boutique hotels out there to choose from, it’s clear that you will have a unique experience in each one, however, the one common thread is that it is an experience like no other. If you’re looking to step outside the box, experience true luxury and the personal touch that large hotel chains are lacking, then a boutique hotel is most definitely the way to go.

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