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July 3, 2023

Summertime tipples

The sun comes out and the pubs and bars are overflowing with us, all eager to make the most of the illusive fine weather that we so crave in the UK, but isn’t it equally as lovely to be in our own homes on a balcony or terrace or in our gardens or parks enjoying a tipple or two? Here we have compiled a short list of just a few to revel in, all you need is your favourite glass, a little garnish and some ice…

Studio London Dry Gin Collaborates with Artist Fred Cuming – £26

A delicate blend of 9 botanicals including pink grapefruit, angelica root and cubeb berries go into this delicious craft gin. Distilled by Bare Distillery in East Sussex.

With thanks to label artist Fred Cuming RA. Fred Cuming devoted many of his canvases to the light and the landscapes of the Southern English coastline, including Hastings and Rye. ( He sadly passed away last year). His work has an impressionist quality that captures fleeting moments of his surroundings. He first encountered these landscapes as a child evacuee during the Blitz; a powerful contrast to his home in London and he has had an enduring love for them ever since.

Hattiers Eminence Blended Aged White Rum £37.50

To ensure the rums meet their own incredibly high standards, they take their water very seriously. Much time was spent looking for the purest water supply they could find and little did they realise it was right under their noses.

Filtered by layer upon layer of ancient granite, they use only the softest Dartmoor water, bottled at the source here in South Devon. Low in minerals, this beautiful, naturally filtered water balances the alcoholic strength of their base rum to a more accessible level.

Aroma; Vanilla pod with a delicious creme anglaise. Creamy fudge and ripe pineapple.

Taste; Light-medium bodied, dry with light and attractive soft fruit notes. Fruity, yet not sweet.

Aftertaste; Light oily grass with gentle nutty pineapple. A long cream finish

No added colourants, non-chill filtered, matured at source distilleries, blended & married with Dartmoor Water in South Devon and hand bottled in small batches.

Salcombe Gin Seas the moment with an adventurous spirit – £50

Born of the sea and taken from the wind, this special edition release is the product of ocean adventure. Developed in partnership with the Royal Ocean Racing Club, they’ve taken the classic London Dry gin ‘Start Point’ and distilled it to an ‘offshore strength’ to create the ultimate sundowner for sailors to enjoy after a day on the water.

Steeped in maritime history and inspired by cargoes of fresh citrus fruits and spices once carried by the fastest ships of their day, every sip of ‘Start Point – Offshore Strength’ pays homage to the famous 19th century Salcombe Fruiters and their voyages of discovery. This higher strength version of ‘Start Point’, brings a much richer, fuller flavour to the distinct citrus notes of red grapefruit and heady juniper, synonymous with their multi-award winning gin.

Pergola Drinks presents pre-mixed tequila cocktails – Sunset and Poolside- £28.00

A new premium pre-mixed cocktail business, Pergola Drinks, is hoping to shake things up with its own takes on some popular classics.

Pergola Drinks has been created by husband and wife team Rahul and Sheetal Murthy. The company is a cocktail creator, wholesaler and retailer with a focus on the premium market.

Rahul and Sheetal created the concept after being inspired on a holiday to Tequila in Mexico where they sipped exquisite margaritas under a beautiful pergola (hence the name).

Sapling Spirits launch Wonky Fruity Raspberry & Hibiscus Vodka- £36.00

Sapling Spirits has officially launched its new Wonky Fruit range with Raspberry & Hibiscus Vodka.  The range takes Sapling Spirits’ sustainability efforts one step further, using imperfect ‘wonky’ fruit that would otherwise be going to waste to create great-tasting infused vodka.

Sapling’s spirits are clean, creamy, and smooth with a touch of sweetness that lends itself beautifully to a vodka martini, gin and tonic, or on the rocks.

Made exclusively in the UK, Sapling use local ingredients to reduce transport emissions. The base spirits are distilled four times only using British wheat.

To make the vodka a base spirit it is blended with charcoal-filtered, de-ionised water. The high starch content of the wheat leaves a fresh finish and a hint of natural sweetness that makes Sapling Vodka so easy to drink.


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