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November 16, 2018

The Benefits of Private Jet Charters For Business

There are many choices business leaders have to make when organising travel, whether it’s to see a client, prospect, visit another office or attend a conference. The first decision will be either fly, drive or take the train, depending on the destination, quickly followed by going economy, business or first class.

An alternative choice that’s growing more and more common is to charter a private plane. Arranging a private jet for your business is now easier than ever, with many bookable online and through apps at attractive prices. They offer a range of benefits for businesses across many industries.

Save Valuable Time

Even if you book business class plane tickets for a relatively short flight from London to Glasgow, for example, there will still be a lot of time wasted. Having to arrive at a busy airport a few hours before flying to go through security and check-in, queuing up to get onboard only to wait for another hundred passengers and then hanging around waiting to collect your bags at the destination all eats up into your time.

With a private charter jet, almost all of this time wasting disappears. You (and your team if a group are flying) can turn up just before it sets off, without any queuing and you can take your bags directly off at the end. When your business travels long distances regularly this can cut down on a lot of work time and money lost travelling.

Arrange Effective Meetings

One of the main business perks of a private jet charter is the ability to hold business meetings on the flight. This can be an efficient use of business time, with the ability to plan presentations, pitches and strategies when on the way to a client meeting, conference or visiting another office. Rather than doing this in the office and spending the flight staring out the window, this kills two birds with one stone.

This can provide a great boost to your team’s productivity levels, reducing the chance of missed deadlines and allowing other work to be focused on back in the office. Plus, you should have more time to refine those presentations.

Impress Current and Future Clients

Another opportunity can be to impress existing and potential clients by inviting them onboard and holding a meeting in the sky. If you’re both based in the same city and flying to or from a conference, then this can work out well, enabling negotiations in a luxurious private jet.

More likely though, you’ll be hiring a private jet charter to fly over potential and existing clients and partners for a meeting in your offices. This extra touch of class can deliver an excellent first impression and set you up for securing the deal.

When booking your next business travel, consider a private jet charter and the many benefits it will deliver.

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