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January 16, 2019

The bigger the better: Tips on going the extra mile on your engagement

You’ll be answering questions about your engagement and the way in which you chose to propose for many years to come so we know you want to make it special. Some who are planning to go big choose to employ the services of an engagement planner or concierge but we think you can still go the extra mile through planning and executing your proposal yourself. After all, it’s between you and the one you love, what could be more personal than it coming straight from your heart?

If a truly special proposal is what you’re looking for, then the story behind a trilogy diamond engagement ring is perfect to support your sentiment. The three stone ring symbolises a couple’s past, present and future – what could be more befitting of a romantic proposal than choosing a ring with such meaning? Your love is timeless so select a beautiful ring to match!

Big ideas

Coupling your proposal with the beautiful story of a trilogy ring is a sure-fire way to make it a special and memorable occasion. If you’ve been having trouble coming up with ideas for your engagement then let us help you with some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. This really depends on what going the extra mile means to you, so take these ideas, put your personal stamp on them and away you go.

Love notes

What could possibly make you feel more loved than finding affectionate notes placed around the home you share? Write where to find the next one and on the final love note ask them for their hand in marriage. Perfect, intimate and special!

Treasure hunt

A similar idea but on a larger scale – a scavenger hunt could be a fabulous and fun way to propose. Make this proposal extra special by putting the clues and destinations in places that are meaningful to you both and organise treats along the way. You could book in a hair appointment or massage and have the therapist present your sweetheart with the next clue, or have their favourite cocktail waiting at a bar you both love and have the bar staff do the same. The beauty of this is that you could make it as extravagant or as intimate as you like.

Romantic picnic

Plan a beautiful picnic in a place of significance to the two of you – the first place you met, your first date location, the place you first kissed etc. Surprise them with their favourite food and music, brace yourself and pop the question – followed by the bubbles.

Fly away

Do you have a particular place in the world that means something to you both? Travel to your favourite holiday destination, get the hotel staff on board with your ideas and organise a truly romantic surprise.

One special day

Fill a day with their favourite things. Are French pastries their weakness? Take them to a patisserie for breakfast. Do they love to dance? Go to a dance class together. Is a spa treatment their idea of heaven? You know what to do! Bring the best day ever to an end with a heartfelt proposal while sharing their favourite meal. True cloud nine territory.

Engagement quiz

Do you have a regular games night together or love playing trivia quiz games? Create an additional card as a keepsake and when it’s their turn, make their question to answer “will you marry me?” Thoughtful and special to you as a couple.

Homemade proposal

Show how much you love your other half by taking the time to create a photo album or scrapbook of your relationship so far and give it as a gift. Flick through the pages together while sharing a bottle of wine and as you reach the end, ask your exciting question.


With many of these ideas, you could include an extra surprise of inviting family and friends along. They could be with you for the moment, or if you’d like the actual proposal to include just the two of you, arrange to have your closest loved ones looking on nearby. After you pop the question, call them all over. This way you also have an instant engagement party – everyone’s a winner! Congratulations!

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