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The Luxuria Lifestyle Guide to the Perfect Blow Dry!

May 24, 2017

Summer hair is a nightmare!  Heat can play havoc leaving you looking you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!  But, it needn’t be that way and that’s why Luxuria Lifestyle have been testing out shampoos, frizz sprays and styling accessories to make sure you look your best for the summer months.  We’ve been ‘Bigging It Up’ with the amazing Phil Smith ‘Be Gorgeous’ range, de-frizzing with Envy’s envious oils and blow-drying with John Gillespie’s Arconic Paddle Brush…


‘Big It Up’ with Phil Smith

It’s so hard to get big hair that isn’t frizzy!  We absolutely loved the Phil Smith ‘Big It Up’ range of products which not only look amazingly cool in your cabinet with their eye-catching bright yellow and blue packaging, but they also really work.  The shampoo and conditioner delivers a really rich lather which smells just sensational.  Hair feels incredibly clean after just one shampoo wash and the conditioner is lightweight and silky on wet hair without leaving it feeling lank and flat.  Normally that ‘freshly washed’ shampoo smell disappears after blow-drying, but Phil Smith’s range leaves a ‘just left the salon’ scent on hair until you wash it again – pretty amazing!

Styling products in the range include the Volume Boosting Mousse, Thickening Volume Cream and Volume Boosting Spray.  When you’re going to be styling hair but don’t want to feel laden down with product, the Volume Boosting Mousse is brilliant. Use on damp hair, blow-dry upside down for volume and fine fly-away hair will be transformed into ‘Big hair’ with ease.

When you want that bounce that only Jennifer Aniston can seem to achieve, the Volume Boosting Spray which again has that incredible salon smell contains a luxurious meadowfoam extract to give extra oomph and a luxury lift.  The instructions say to spray on and comb through, but for extra lift, spray right on the roots too and watch that hair get bigger… and bigger!!!

And to get some real texture for fine, thin hair, the Thickening Volume cream is definitely the way to go!  With a date fruit extract (it’s all very healthy hair food!), this light cream which feels as silky as a facial moisturiser, will give you proper definition.  Go sparingly though, you really only need a little bit before blow-drying.


‘Fight the Frizz’ with Envy’s Professional Range

The De-Frizz Styling Duo pack from Envy Professional (£24.95) comes in a cute clear zipped carry case which makes a brilliant gift, the perfect holiday pack, or an at home rescue kit.  The Envy philosophy is a unique one and has gained them an awesome reputation.  Their range consists of just six highly intelligent products that adapt to each and everyone’s individual hair type.  Whether it’s to repair, lift or de-frizz, they’ve got everything covered.

The De-Frizz Styling Duo includes the Style Hero pump spray and the Super Oil 3, both in stylish black, silver and green bottles. These products can be used together on wet hair and of course they’re both formulated, professionally, for all skin types.

The Style Hero spray is keratin infused so you know right away that this is seriously going to help stressed out hair.  Its unique formula which also feels extremely lightweight after application, has a fresh grapefruit scent and a slightly gel like consistency until it’s applied.  The bottle recommends 5 – 10 pumps, we’d say 5 is pretty much all you’ll need meaning this 150ml bottle will last ages!

While the keratin balances moisture in the hair, silk proteins help to moisturise, smooth and gloss, while wheat proteins enhance and lock in moisture, to improve overall condition.  Leaving hair easily manageable after blow-drying, no matter how you want to style it, Style Hero is one of our favourite products at the moment.

The Super Oil 3 meanwhile, has a really unique smell that’ll remind you of your favourite massage!  This slightly slippery lightweight formula is packed with Japanese Camelli Oil for complete conditioning; Yangu Oil with fatty acids and antioxidants for moisture and shine; and Avocado Oils with a blend of A, D and E nutrients to promote and maintain hair health. The blend of all three will truly nourish hair to the root and if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to condition your hair properly while washing, you’ll find Super Oil 3 does an amazing job of detangling tatty hair whilst conditioning it.  For sleek, glossy hair, it’s a wonder product.  It even has built in sunscreen to help lock your colour in.


Arconic Curved Paddle Brush by John Gillespie

Arconic Brush
John Gillespie Arconic Brush (Photo Credit: James Williamson)

Whether you’re ‘Bigging it Up’ with Phil Smith or De-Frizzing with Envy Professional, you’ll need a damn good brush to make all those products work for you.  If you don’t quite have the time to book in at your favourite salon every single day, then you can achieve great results in your home with the Arconic Curved Paddle Brush (£19.99), courtesy of John Gillespie of John Gillespie Hairdressing.  Quite rightly John spotted a gap in the market for a home styling product which combined the paddle brush with a barrel brush for easy blow-drying.  Especially for medium to long hair, you can dry big sections of hair and take much less time than with a small round brush.  The Arconic paddle brush is also curved which means you get the benefit of volume and lift in the hair while you dry.  And the ergonomically designed handle means it much easier to hold, with a much more comfortable grip and increased control over the style you’re trying to achieve.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield


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