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November 14, 2022

The Monarch Theatre – A 10-course tasting menu and sensory experience

The Monarch Theatre, contained within Park Row – the world’s first fully immersive restaurant experience inspired by the DC universe in collaboration with Warner Bros – combines multi-sensorial storytelling with world-class food and drink that draws from some of Gotham City’s most famous (and infamous) residents.

A transportive and completely immersive restaurant experience, The Monarch Theatre holds just 20-seats with state-of-the-art floor-to-ceiling projection mapping, a 10-course tasting menu with paired drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic as equally considered) curated by Executive Chef Karl O’Dell (formerly of Michelin-starred Texture). Guests are taken on a culinary and visual journey for a truly one-of-a-kind gastronomic show, with carefully crafted staging, narration and immersive courses that play with the senses – an experience that Gotham City, nor the world, has witnessed before.

Park Row founder, James Bulmer, who worked with Heston Blumenthal for 10 years at The Fat Duck, designed each element to trigger specific emotions through the room’s environment and the food presented to its guests, tying into the theatrical narrative of the evening.

Highlights from the menu include a ‘poisonous’ mushroom parfait; a riddle that must be cracked to reveal a course, and edible jewellery, all linking to key DC characters and storylines that have become part of the cultural fabric of modern life, even for those who have little DC comic knowledge.

Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Park Row, James Bulmer says “I wanted to create a space where guests can escape and embrace a fantasy world, no matter what their age. Whether its playing with the food or the vessels, we want everything to be fun and immersive. The Monarch Theatre is a gastronomical experience that nods to the defining moment where Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. The story centres around the theme of the blurred line between good and evil, and the various characters that embody these emotions. Whether you have an interest in DC or not, the food, drink and experience is designed to take you on a sensory journey.”

The Monarch Theatre is the crown jewel of Park Row, offering elevated dining, and entertainment with an exhilarating restaurant experience unlike no other.

A: The Monarch Theatre (located within Park Row) – 77 Brewer St, London W1F 9ZN
W: Park Row London

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