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May 6, 2019

The Pros of Using Private Aviation for Your Business

Making use of a private charter service has many benefits for your business. If you want to save time, money, retain clients, and improve the productivity of both executives and their teams, using private aviation may be the way to do so. For businesses big or small, private jet rental provides many great advantages that can benefit your company. Private jet hire costs are also not as expensive as you may think and if you are sending a few employees on an airline, you could actually save money going private. If you want to know more about the pros for your business and how much it can cost to hire a private jet, read on for more information.

Saves Both Time and Money

As they say in business, time is money and using a private jet can save you both. When executives and their teams fly privately, this can save a lot of time for both your business and other companies involved. This means business meetings can happen sooner and the fact that you are willing to fly your team out to meet with potential clients truly gives off a great impression. For executives that never stop working, hiring a private jet allows them to reduce their amount of downtime, which can provide added value. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to concentrate in an airport full of people and if you cannot guarantee a business class seat then getting important work done on an airplane is a no go.

Making use of a private jet means no more waiting around in the airport for hours and traveling is now a quick, easy, and much more seamless experience for all. This allows your business team to arrive just before take-off time. This is also the same on the other side, as private jet customers can quickly leave the plane and get their baggage without having to wait around at baggage claim for hours. If you have meetings in a variety of different cities, private jets could be considerably less than any other alternative forms of travel. Reducing travel time to a single day rather than multiple days is great for everyone involved, as it saves further money on hotel stays and meals. Flying private also gives you the option of more airports, therefore, landing closer to your final destination, as often commercial airlines cannot fly to smaller airports.

Productivity Increase

Flying privately ensures that you get total privacy and the silence needed for working. Even when flying business class, it can be difficult to concentrate with the many distractions around you on a standard airplane. The private jet ensures complete confidentiality and privacy when discussing clients and also means business meetings can happen mid-air. This gives executives and teams the chance to discuss any important information before meeting with potential clients, rather than having to do it via email or once you have arrived at the hotel. Productivity is everything for businesses just getting off the ground or for those who are extremely busy, so the cost of travel becomes a moot point if it means more work can be done and the team is happier. As you save time and your team are not waiting around in airports for hours, they will also be less fatigued and will have the ability to be more productive. A happier team means improved work, so keeping your team happy when they are traveling often is a must.

Private Jet Hire Costs

Private jet charter prices are usually based on a myriad of different things. The most important factors that affect the price is the length of time you are using the plane, the distance, and the size of the private jet that you need. Paramount Business Jets offer private jets for businesses big or small and can cost as little as $2,000 an hour; this price includes 2-4 people using the jet. On their website they also have a cost calculator, meaning you can get a rough estimate of how much it may cost you for your journey, so you can see beforehand if hiring a private jet is right for you and within your budget. Using a private jet charter broker that is professional and affordable is a must and that is why Paramount Business Jets also have customer reviews on their website. For private jet rental prices and jets available, you can find more information here.

Private jet rental is a great idea for many businesses and although it may sometimes cost more money up-front when you factor in other details such as hours lost working and hotel stays, private aviation could be your best option. If you want to impress clients and boost productivity for your business, consider private jet hire for your next business meeting or a trip overseas.

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