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February 13, 2020

The relationship between the casino industry and tourism growth

Many countries have developed casinos in various regions within their bounds in order to attract tourists. Obviously, a more robust tourism environment is good for the economy as it brings more money and recognition.

The gambling industry, which is one of the biggest sectors across the globe, is probably the most popular in terms of tourism. This is the reason why casino tourism is such a big thing these days.

Casino developments to encourage tourism

In recent years, many casinos in the UK, US, and Australia were authorized to encourage tourism development. That is, to attract international tourists and bring in additional wealth to the local economy. Although in some cases this has been achieved, for example, the major gambling venues of the Gold Coast of Australia have been successful in attracting Asian players, the ability to use casinos to attract foreign players depends on a number of factors including location, type of development and the legal and competitive environment.

Impact of casinos on across border markets

We all are aware of the fact that gambling is illegal in some countries. Of course, this doesn’t deter the citizens of the country who want to gamble. What they would do is either travel to the country nearest to them that has legal casinos to visit or gamble in online casinos that offer their favourite casino games. With online gambling, players can play casino games whenever and wherever they want.

In the UK, casinos in urban areas have always catered to the needs of only local players as gambling in the country was limited by factors such as restrictions on scale and advertising. The new Gambling Act has changed this dynamic. The new casinos in the UK offer higher quality products that can be promoted more widely. By giving players access to casino games that their own home country can’t provide, casinos in the UK are opening up new markets for opportunities.

The concentration of casinos in a location can become tourist attractions

The areas where large casinos and ancillary facilities are concentrated in one location have become major tourist attractions in their own right, as in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The Vegas Strip began as a destination resort centred on gambling, but in the face of increasing competition, it is now a multi-faceted entertainment and convention venue with gambling as its main theme. The destination features, conventional facilities and recreational opportunities all, cater to the needs of almost all types of gamblers.

Thus, a casino on its own is not enough to have a significant impact on tourism. Along with a variety of casino games, other entertainment activities are also needed to be offered in order to attract international players.


All of these points show that there is definitely a relationship between casinos and tourism. The casino industry can have a big positive impact on the overall tourism situation of an economy.

While casinos can surely attract tourists, it shouldn’t be the sole reason for a country’s tourism growth. It should be one of the reasons supplemented by other attractions that can make foreign players want to keep coming back for more.

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