The Taste of Luxury: The 3 Best Hotels for Food in Monaco

July 21, 2017

While it may be true that few dishes are served in Monaco that cannot be classed as exquisite, there are a handful of restaurants where the menu is nothing short of miraculous. Neighboured by both France and Italy, and with a truly international population, the Principality is every culinary enthusiast’s dream destination; it complements an explosion of fine tastes with chic settings that are unparalleled in their glamour. Nowhere is this affinity between fine dining and lavish decor so indulgent as it is in many of Monaco’s luxurious hotels. Every aspect of a trip to Monaco is fun and luxurious in equal measures, from the Nice to Monaco helicopter ride that brings guests to the Principality, to the extensive range of nightclub options. Here, however, we focus on just one aspect: we’ve handpicked the three best hotels in Monaco, merited on their offering of fine cuisine.

#3 – The Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel

With stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and an advantageous position on the hairpin of Monaco’s famous Grand Prix circuit, the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel is one of the most iconic resorts in the Principality. Dubbed the world’s sexiest restaurant, Nobu serves up a sumptuous cuisine mixing traditional Japanese dishes and South American subtle spices and aroma combinations in a delightfully modern setting. The restaurant’s terrace offers diners far-reaching views to the horizon, incorporating a glimpse of three separate countries: France, Italy, and Monaco. Works of art are served on each plate that leaves the kitchen. The entire Nobu experience is exceptionally memorable; from the service to the setting, every aspect of the restaurant is designed to ensure you’ll return. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his team have enhanced one of Monaco’s finest hotels with a restaurant that is an attraction in its own right.

#2 – The Monte Carlo Bay

Chef Marcel Ravin boasts one Michelin star and a refreshingly original culinary style. Leading the talented team at The Monte Carlo Bay’s Blue Bay restaurant, Chef Ravin serves a unique fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine, exciting diners with a blend of exquisite flavours and textures. Guests can enjoy their meals al fresco, on the spacious terrace that looks out over the Mediterranean Sea. The open kitchen offers diners the opportunity to witness the expert craftsmanship that goes into the preparation of each meal, and each dish is served as a testament to luxury dining. On the periphery of the Principality, the Monte Carlo Bay enjoys a serene and relaxed ambiance, far removed from the bustle of the port.

#1 – The Hotel de Paris

Alain Ducasse’s Le Louis XV needs no introduction and takes haute cuisine to an indulgent new level. It is a legendary restaurant that has forged a name for itself as the very best in Monaco. Set in the sumptuous, regal interior of the famed Hotel de Paris, the restaurant has become an iconic institution in the Principality and wows guests with a sophisticated Mediterranean menu: Ducasse credits the Riviera with the inspiration for his innovative cuisine. Produce are fresh and local, from locally-caught fish to regionally grown vegetables. Every detail of service at Le Louis XV is geared towards an unparalleled dining experience. Experience the best of Monaco to enjoy the ultimate luxuries in life.

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