The Ultimate First-Class Airline Experience

August 21, 2017

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When it comes to deciding how best to travel by air, many high-net-worth individuals prefer the comfort and flexibility of a private plane.  Even if you don’t own a private jet, there are plenty of companies happy to rent one out.  You can choose which type of plane you prefer, where and when you will take off, no queuing, and of course you will know exactly who you are flying with as they will be your chosen guests. While there are many advantages to flying where and whenever you wish on a private jet, it does come at a very high price.

For that reason, even people who know how to live like a lottery winner will take into consideration the option of flying first class on a regular passenger flight, particularly given the improvements that have been made in that sector in recent years.  Many airlines are now specifically targeting first and business class flyers, and are upgrading their premium class seats in an effort to attract that sector of the market.  Airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Singapore and JAL all offer fantastic first class seats, which allow passengers to travel in luxurious comfort.

However, there is one first-class service which stands head and shoulders above the rest at the moment.  The Etihad first (and business) class experience starts with a chauffeur driven ride to the VIP departure area, where you can check in with a minimum of fuss and then enjoy the VIP lounge facilities.  If you are fortunate enough to be flying first class on one of the select group of Airbus A380 flights, (such as those between Abu Dhabi and London or New York), you will be able to enjoy the incredible ‘First Apartment’ experience. This transforms your ‘seat’ into a self-contained mini-apartment.

There are only nine ‘First Apartments’ on each of the modified planes, so you will be guaranteed to have a comfortable trip.  During the flight, you will enjoy fine dining cuisine from your personal chef, and can meet your fellow business and first-class travellers in ‘The Lobby’ for after-dinner drinks if you choose.  There is also wi-fi access and an enormous selection of entertainment on your wide-screen TV, plus you can take a shower on-board in one of the beautifully fitted-out bathrooms.

For the next level of comfort, and if you can afford it, then you will want to check out ‘The Residence’. This is more than just a bedroom, as this is the ultimate in passenger comfort.  The Residence includes a living room, separate bedroom and an en-suite bathroom with a shower.  You will be catered to by your own personal butler, trained in the world-famous Savoy hotels. The in-flight chef will prepare a gourmet meal from the menu, or you can choose a meal designed to your own requirements.

A one-way flight from London to Sydney would cost in the region of £10-15,000 in The Residence, which compares very favourably to the £100,000+ that it would cost to rent a private jet for the same flight.  The only downside to flying in such luxurious surroundings is that every other first-class flight will pale in comparison!

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