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April 22, 2020

The world’s only coca leaf Gin – Harvested from high altitude rainforests

Amuerte is the world’s only gin, uniquely crafted with Peruvian Coca leaves. Amuerte White Coca Gin’s ingredients are carefully harvested in high altitude rainforests, before being distilled by a master distiller in Belgium. The bottle itself, a worthy display piece, is finished with 24-carat gold leaf, making it just as special as the luxury gin inside.

The Treasure of Antique Empires

Long before the time of Paolo Escobar and of the Colombian drug dealers, the cocaine plant had a powerful mystical role for the people who cultivated it. In the antique Peruvian society, cocaine leaves were appreciated in the whole Inca Empire for their natural properties helpful to fight hunger and sicknesses.

History Worthy of a Unique Gin

A casual encounter was enough for it all to start: it all happened after witnessing how a local tribe chewed some cocaine leaves during a trip with rucksacks through the tropical forest. Thanks to this experience, the mystical savour of the coca leaves was discovered. The family who created Amuerte Gin are skilled at transforming the taste of coca leaves into a unique gin, with a history dating back 112 years. The family is in its fourth generation and have become experts at distilling gin, with true passion. The result is an incredible, well balanced, vivacious cocaine flavour that is fine and bitter with brilliant notes of tamarillo, papaya, and South American drake.

Recommended Serve

Coca Gin & Tonic. This gin speaks for itself. Enjoy Amuerte with a subtle tonic and lots of ice to create a wonderfully fruity and exotic Gin and tonic.

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