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October 21, 2019

This Luxury Photography Influencer is Highlighting the Value of Traditional Photography

To capture the essence of beauty, of luxury, of authenticity is an art form, an art form that photography continues to manifest. A photographer who is able to not only capture this essence but to also recreate it through her lens is an exciting discovery. Perhaps we could say that Zuzana Breznanikova is a discovery, although her work has been hiding in plain sight for many years. London based fashion and celebrity portrait photographer Zuzana Breznanikova has developed a unique aesthetic with a cinematic feel that resonates with industry critics and makes her a highly sought-after photography professional.

Her unique aesthetics and ability to capture the essence of a person has made her one of the most in-demand portrait photographers in London. She has photographed for luxury publications around the world as well as luxury brands such as Harrods and high net worth and high profile individuals around the world including royalty. She specializes in fashion and portrait photography each image brings to the forefront her ability to see her subjects through her lens not simply as a photo subject but as part of an image which tells a story whether that story is of romance, passion, opulence or freedom.

While her London-based photography studio is located in the cosmopolitan and affluent area of Notting Hill, Zuzana is available for commissions worldwide for location shooting anywhere in the world. Whether someone is looking for a stand-out celebrity portrait photographer or wishes to elevate their fashion brand with a high-end editorial or commercial photo shoot, Zuzana has the experience, knowledge and creativity to not only get the job done but give her clients the gift of artistic expression through luxurious photographic imagery.

To view and purchase Zuzana’s work please visit Saatchi Art

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Photo credits to Zuzana Beznanikoa

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