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January 24, 2020

Tips To Help You Appreciate A Luxury Restaurant

Food is the fuel that keeps our bodies going, but when it is created with finesse and skill it becomes a true work of art.

Despite this, many diners at high-end restaurants do not respect or understand the skill and effort that goes into crafting their meals.

For those that want to learn more about how to really make the most out of their fine dining experiences, read on to find out how you can progress from a hungry restaurant-goer to a discerning gourmet.

Find Restaurants That Suit Your Tastes

The first step in your journey towards appreciating the luxury that is fine dining is to find a selection of eateries that offer dishes you’ll enjoy. Just because an establishment is expensive and fancy, doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy eating there. Explore the restaurants near you and find restaurants that suit your taste.

Read The Menu In Advance

During your search for the perfect eatery, you should make sure that you read the menus and find a few dishes that you think you’d enjoy. You don’t have to order in advance, but just make sure that there is definitely a wide range of different dishes that you and your dining companion will enjoy.

Check Out The Reviews Before You Book

The fine dining experience is about more than just the food: whilst this does play a big part, service, ambience, presentation and location also make a difference. As such, you should read online reviews and those placed in local newspapers to see what past visitors thought before you make your decision. Remember that some reviews might be biased for or against a particular establishment, so read a variety of reviews before you book a table. Try to look out for consistencies, as these are usually a sign that more than one diner has experienced the same style of service.

Don’t Just Look At Michelin Starred Establishments

Being awarded a star or more by the Michelin Guide is a real honour, and brings with it a lot of prestige, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. There are many eateries out there that offer an exceptional dining experience, but which have unfortunately been, so far, overlooked by the Guide. Try to review the menu and reviews rather than just focusing on eateries that have been awarded Michelin Stars, so that you can see the best that the bustling fine dining market has to offer.

Sample The Tasting Menus For The Ultimate Fine Dining Experience

Most luxury restaurants offer a tasting menu, in which diners enjoy a set selection of around 10 dishes, each of which shows the kitchen’s style of cooking and skill. Ten or more courses might sound like a lot, but these are usually small dishes designed to give you an overview of the skills and techniques that the kitchen is capable of. Tasting menus are a great way to sample a selection of delicacies, so if possible, try to select these when you’re ordering your meal in a fine dining restaurant.

Eat Slowly

When you’re hungry, it’s always tempting to wolf down your food quickly, but if you do this in a fine dining establishment then you’ll miss some of the subtleties and flavour profiles. Savour your meal by taking small bites and trying to place a little of everything onto your fork, so that each mouthful gives you an insight into how the dish has been composed and how the component parts work together to bring your meal to life.

Never Season Your Food Before You Taste It

The cardinal sin in fine dining is to cover your food in condiments and spices before you’ve even taken a bite. Always taste your food first, so that you can enjoy the flavours that the chef has spent so much time cultivating. If you feel it needs a little something extra, add it after you’ve tasted the food and adjusted to the tastes and textures you’re experiencing.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Fine Dining Trends

As you expand your knowledge of fine dining restaurants and learn about how to really enjoy the experience, you will notice that, much like fashion, food fads come and go. From foams through to spiralising and beyond, every year brings a new obsession to the fine dining market, so it’s important that you keep up with the latest trends. This will help you to find the latest new chefs and dining establishments and experience them for yourself.

Follow Chefs On Social Media

Whilst an establishment is responsible for the dining atmosphere you experience, the food you eat and the menu you’re offered is the responsibility of the Head Chef. As such, if you really want to keep up with the latest fine dining trends and find yourself exciting new establishments to sample, you should follow some of the world’s best elite chefs on social media.

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