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September 26, 2019

Toast the start of Autumn with the Venetian Spritz 

The beginning of the olive season, mid-October, marks the start of autumn and what better way to usher in the new season than with a cocktail that venerates the humble olive-like no other – The Venetian Spritz.

A bright, refreshing low ABV cocktail made to savour, the Venetian Spritz is a more savoury alternative for discerning drinkers seeking an alternative to sweet and summery serves.

The traditional recipe is garnished with a large green olive that adds saline flavours to the bittersweet flavour profile.

With the low ABV trend still going strong across the UK, the Venetian Spritz is the perfect low ABV spritz alternative to enjoy in Autumn – with a ripe green olive.


1.    90 ml Prosecco
2.    60 ml SELECT Aperitivo
3.    One splash soda water
4.    One large green olive


1.    Pour the Prosecco into a wine glass
2.    Top with SELECT Aperitivo and fill the glass with soda water
3.    Garnish with a large green olive

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