Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Party!

June 22, 2018

Summer is here and that means the perfect time to plan an absolutely amazing luxury party!  But where to start?  If you’ve been left with organising duties, here’s the fool proof way to planning the perfect party with no stress, so you’ll have plenty of time to drink champagne and enjoy the celebrations!

Who’s the Party For?

Cocktail party
(Photo Credit: Pixabay Nastya_Gepp_

It might sound obvious, but key to creating the perfect party is considering who it’s for!  Is it for a friend who’s getting engaged?  Is it for a special birthday – a 21st or 30th?  Or is it for a wedding anniversary, hen or stag do or something more specific?  When planning your party, always keep in mind who it is for – the detail is everything!  If it’s a hen party, then the chances are, you’re going to be looking at alcohol and perhaps a theme or fancy dress featuring quite heavily!  If it’s a wedding party, maybe you’ll need live music and a cool setting for your guests to enjoy themselves…


Depending on who the party is for, will be key to where you hold it!  There’s so much choice when planning an event and this will largely be influenced on how many guests will be coming too.  If it’s a family event being held in summer, wouldn’t a marquee in the garden make for the perfect party?  Or you could even look at hiring out a cottage for larger groups?  If it’s a get together for a group of friends you haven’t seen in a while, or if it’s a stag or hen do, then you might want to extend the party across a whole weekend and book something like the properties on or if there’s only a few of you,  maybe a local pub or bar will suffice where you can perhaps book a table or area for a small charge, or in some cases, for free.


(Photo Credit: Pixabay Zoosnow)
(Photo Credit: Pixabay Zoosnow)

Almost as important as the venue, you’ll need to decide if your party is going to have a theme!  For stag and hen parties, then fancy dress is always a popular choice – you could go for gay 80’s icons, movie stars, pirates, professions, rock & roll, pop stars… the list is endless and there’s plenty of ideas online which you can search.  If it’s a classier event, you might want to consider black tie and cocktail dress for a luxury cocktail party, or even a white party where everyone has to wear one colour which makes for lots of creativity when it comes to selecting an outfit.

Food and Drink

Champagne SplitShire
(Photo Credit: Pixabay: SplitShire)

It’s important to get the food and drink sorted early on!  What will your guests want to eat and what sort of budget do you have?  Will it be champagne all the way?  There’s plenty of deals available from the big name supermarkets if you’re buying in bulk.  Or will it be a ‘bring your own bottle’ party which could save you lots of money which could be spent on the venue instead!  Will you be putting on a spread yourself or with help from friends, or can you splash out and get caterers in to help prepare?  You might just even want to order in takeaway depending on the type of party it is.

Forward Planning

Birthday Cake PIxabay CBaquirin
(Photo Credit: Pixabay CBaquirin)

The best parties are those that have been given plenty of thought.  Get your party planning done super early and get venues, food and drink and your theme sorted early, so there’s no stress in the lead up to the big day, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the event just as much as your guests!

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