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September 24, 2020

TUMI 19 Degree – The angle of strength – an evolution in travel

TUMI, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand, released today its latest global campaign featuring the exceptional 19 Degree collection. TUMI’s most iconic collection, 19 Degree was born from the brand’s unquenchable desire for innovation and exploration of new materials, producing a collection that is the pinnacle of travel gear. 19 Degree conveys the long-standing notion that travel is not just a utilitarian experience; it emotionally connects travellers to their own unique journeys like never before. To capture the true essence of this sentiment, TUMI has distilled what it means to travel and connect in the captivating new 19 Degree – The Angle of Strength campaign.

With every detail considered — from the very specific type of aluminium used to an eye-catching and easily identifiable 19 degree patterned design — the attention put into its creation mirrors the attention it grabs. 19 Degree shows us that strength may come from unexpected places — inner resolve, well-defined structure or sometimes, from the unique perspective of seeing the world at a different angle than everyone else. True strength is more than just physical, it’s a way of understanding the world; an artistic statement on the possibilities of function, form and strength. With this strength at its core, 19 Degree is truly a monumental collection designed to awe, inspire and transport.

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