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May 30, 2022

What a way to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee than a picnic party!

Cojean, the Parisian fast-food restaurant brand focused on serving seasonal produce and certified B-Corp due to its dedication to healthy eating and minimal carbon footprint, has got you sorted with its delicious and sustainable picnic hamper to be enjoyed in London from 2nd June to 5th June.

On this occasion, Cojean would like to send you a made-to-measure picnic hamper, to be composed by you, which you will receive ahead of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

You will be able to choose  2x sandwiches, 2x salads, 2x pastries and 2x cold-pressed juices from Cojean’s delicious new summer menu.

We will take care of the delivery, and only ask you to let us know what you would like your Cojean hamper to be composed of.

Choosing from products freshly prepared every morning by COJEAN team in one of their central London locations, concocted as the seasons change by the highly creative team behind renewing and finding new recipe ideas and never leaving any special dietary requirements behind, there is without a doubt, something for everyone, with 40% of the food on offer suitable for vegetarians.

Cojean values top-quality ingredients with a short use-by dates, and organic ingredients are spread across a large proportion of their product offers – including the fruit and vegetables used for juices, soups, cereals, pulses, bread and teas.

With freshness a focus for COJEAN, which recipe will you pick? Summery sandwiches include green hummus and avocado seeded baguette and chicken & guacamole brioche, savoury salads range from gnocchi sarde with capers and black olive to pulse-tastic quinoa tabbouleh with spinach hummus and paprika chicken, and your choice of two French pastries.

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