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Campo Viejo’s Fiesta de Color

June 16, 2017

Campo Viejo reportedly supplies 15 million bottles of wine to the UK each year.  It’s clearly become a household staple for us.  Luckily, we don’t have to book a flight to Spain to appreciate one of the UK’s favourite winemakers… they’re popping up in London’s back garden this weekend!

From 15 – 18 June only, Campo Viejo is bringing Spain to London, specifically Waterloo Millennium Green, with a pop-up food and wine event.  The multi-level, colourful pop-up is absolutely captivating.  Best of all, general admission is free!  However, you will feel deep remorse if you don’t participate in at least one (we recommend both) of the two wine experiences available at the pop-up!  The first is a masterclass of wine blending, usually only offered at the earth-conscious Campo Viejo winery in Rioja, Spain.  Break out your geeky side, because this experience is decked out with lab coats, test tubes, beakers and funnels.  It’s serious wine tasting, people.  First you’ll learn all about wine pairing by blending glasses of wine and after you’ve tried a few you get to decide on your final blend.  Your favourite blend goes into a full sized bottle of wine for you to add a custom-label and take home.

Spain isn’t just about the wine, it’s also about the tapas.  It’s ingrained in the Spanish way of life.  The Fiesta de Color’s ‘Dare to Pair’ session is just £25.  This dining experience goes beyond food and wine pairing and plays on all of your senses.  You’ll experiment with temperature, light, texture and colour.  Four plates, four glasses of wine and you’ll walk away with one happy tummy!  You’ll want to write a personal thank you note to the expert who paired the wines and plates.

The experience, and it truly is an experience, starts with a perfect summer dish of gazpacho, but not your regular gazpacho, this one is packed with almond and garlic notes perfectly paired with a glass of white tempranillo.  All the while, topped with edible flowers.  The floral notes of the Tempranillo Blanco and the citrus/floral blend of the gazpacho compliment each other in a fresh way.  The second plays on the senses of colour.  After a scientific study, it was proven that color changes the way people taste dishes and drinks.  So, we were asked to put on our coloured glasses and experienced our second dish on a whole new level.  The red glasses brought out the rich flavours, while the blue toned glasses emphasized the crisp flavours of fresh notes.  The next sensation focused on temperature and the dish paired with it featured a chilled octopus salad and a grilled octopus served warm with fresh pesto.  The dish was paired with a warm glass and a chilled glass of Campo Viejo Tempranillo.  Each person got to customise their experience and try variations of the chilled and room-temperature wine with the chilled and warm dish.  The entire experience was topped off with my favourite dish, which was the bubbly and refreshing cava perfectly synchronised with the rich manchego cheesecake, along with the popping candy to emphasize the texture of the bubbly.

Don’t miss this exclusive event.  It’s only around for four days!  With Campo Viejo providing the Spanish wine and food, according to the forecast, they even brought the Spanish sun!  On Thursday and Friday the pop-up is open from 4pm – 11pm and Saturday and Sunday midday – 11pm.  General admission is free, but you’ll want to indulge in all the experiences including   The Wine Blending Masterclass (£20), Food and Wine Pairing Masterclass (£25).


Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Claire Hagen


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