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January 26, 2020

Yours Naturally, Naturally Yours by Georgina Tang

Yours Naturally, Naturally Yours, YNNY, born from the need to find natural products for those with super sensitive skin, caused by the effects of chemotherapy and other necessary but damaging drugs.

These products are completely natural and have a neutral PH balance, the range includes shampoo, conditioner and serums that are safe and effective for those with medical hair loss, the skincare range is also gentle but so nourishing for those also suffering the effects of the medicine that may cause conditions such as psoriasis and hypersensitive skin.

I do not have particularly sensitive skin and I’m not suffering from hair loss, having said that I am aware that the more natural products are more kind to both the human race and the planet.

The range is simple and concise and due to the botanical organic ingredients, a personal quest by the founder Georgina Tang, with an unparalleled passion and a whole lot of extensive research, these products are suitable for all skin and hair types.

This business that began as a small cottage industry has evolved into something far more serious and when you try the products and hear the back-story you’ll see why!

I was sent a selection of YNNY that was most timely, I was going skiing, harsh wind, cold mountain air and a lot of strong sunlight, beautiful but damaging! The size of the products was perfect for travelling. I had the shampoo and conditioner that I actually used nearly every day, I found them to be cleansing but gentle.

For my skin, I was given the Organic Rosewater Cleanser/Toner, extremely gentle but thorough, it perfectly cleansed, purified, toned and rehydrated my usually dry and tight skin, super preparation for the anti-ageing Elixir serum.

The Elixir serum and moisturiser for the face were so rehydrating.  This serum is superbly moisturising and nourishing due to all the lovely natural oils. It contains oils which have a high level of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) such as borage, rosehip and evening primrose. Elixir also encourages the production of collagen and elastin to tighten up relaxed muscles. The serum has a yellow tone that transfers to the skin and with the Rich Face Cream over the top, it gives the skin a warm healthy glow, all day, and I felt no need for foundation, my skin looked dewy and glowing, the products all have a light floral scent and can be used day and night.

Elixir is a little miracle in a bottle and very little is needed to have an all-day impact, it is also suitable for people with skin conditions such as melasma and hyperpigmentation.

In conclusion, these organic products should be on your dressing table or in your bathroom cabinet, they are extremely well priced, easy to order online and most importantly efficient with fabulous results.

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