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December 18, 2019

The Top 7 Trends Destined to Dominate the Next Decade in Beauty

As the last decade draws to a close – Luxuria Lifestyle looks at the 7 trends and shifts in the world of hair and beauty that are sure to shape the years to come.

So from a brand new jowl buster, liquid gold hair and a genesis facial to the new year’s top lip plumber both up and downstairs – here are our top predictions for what the future of beauty holds…

Morphilo by Dr David Jack

Everyone is going to be looking at jowls next year – and nothing works better than the new Morphilo. Using the cutting-edge, sub-dermal, micro-needling, radiofrequency device delivered by Morpheus8 the new treatment combines that with the world’s best ‘moisture jab’ aka Profhilo.

Following its rip-roaring success in the US, this new skin tightening and resurfacing treatment Morpheus8 is taking the UK by storm. Ideal for sagging necks and jowls it has been hailed as the world’s most advanced skin resurfacing treatment. Dr David Jack (based on Harley Street) has taken this revolutionary treatment one step further by combining it with Profhilo, an injectable which infuses and saturates the skin with hydration. This power combo both remodels tightens and plumps up the delicate neck area.

How it works: Dr Jack says, ‘the skin on your neck is thinner, so the neck is more vulnerable to ageing, and we haven’t really found a reliable non-surgical solution for youthful necks until now.’ says Dr Jack. “I have been using Morpheus8 for the neck, face and body and my patients are delighted with the results. One of the main advantages is that it can be combined with other surgical or non-surgical treatments for eg. fillers or I have found Profhilo is the perfect partner.”

Exclusive to Dr Jack results are permanent and downtime is minimal.

The Chelsea Look by Dr Rhona Eskander

In 2020, the Hollywood Smile is dead – long live the Chelsea Smile!

Just as A-listers are now doing micro-dosing in their facial aesthetics (think Baby Botox) and bodies (natural-looking, teardrop breast implants) natural-looking smiles are the overwhelming trend in teeth.  It’s dentistry so good that you don’t know it’s there.  Blindingly white veneers and enormous incisors, long known as The Hollywood Smile is over – next year it’s all about The Chelsea Smile.  It can be found on Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow and Amal Clooney – these women are all undeniably stunning smilers but with enough minor defects incorporated so that they have a natural and beautiful look.

Award-winning dentist Dr Rhona Eskander, who runs the London Chelsea Dental Clinic has pioneered this contagious smile. Her signature treatment, The Chelsea Smile is achieved through minimally invasive means – and it offers an updated, modern version of the perfect smile.

How it works: Dr Eskander says, “it starts with an intro scan that lets clients see the finished results immediately – clients get to see the destination before the journey. I use Invisalign to align the teeth if necessary, along with whitening with Philips Zoom or Enlighten… Both are designed to prevent sensitivity and allow compliance of wearing the whitening trays. Then it’s all about subtle bonding- this is similar to adding shellac to the nails – it is minimal and, in the Chelsea, Look it is only added to edges, not the whole surface, making it less invasive and more natural-looking/minimal. I may also use non-prep veneers which is a thin veneer so they’re almost transparent, but they enhance the natural tooth in size and shape without damaging the teeth.”

Dr Eskander says that the next decade will see an exponential rise in “perfect imperfection dentistry- it’s creating the smile that was meant to be exactly yours.”

The V 360 – By Dr Galyna

Vaginal care is a big deal in the decade ahead and Dr Galyna Selezneva is at the forefront with her V360.

Known as London’s “V-Doctor” for looking after some of the UK’s most famous lady bits, Dr Galyna at Dr Rita Rakus in Knightsbridge sees a lot of patients in their 20’s and 30’s – some of whom have had babies and some who are just looking to improve things down there.  She says there has been huge interest. ‘Most of my clients that come in for this are getting younger and younger, actually.  And for every woman I treat, four or five friends or family follow.’

Her method is the Ultrafemme 360 or V-360 which works to keep vagina’s taut, tight and fully functional. Dr Selezneva says, “Very much in the way that we start looking after our skin a bit more in our 30’s (the occasional facial, better face creams, maybe Botox) we ought to start looking after our vaginas at around the same time.” Dr Selezneva says, “This generation cares about their skin, size of pores on their faces, and vagina is in the same way – a part of your body that needs TLC and looking after.  This treatment is great in that it works both inside and out – it keeps the vagina tight internally helping to boost sensation and prevent sagging – and externally it additionally improves the appearance of the lips, which loses collagen the same way we do on our faces.”

How it works: Radiofrequency energy is delivered via a long probe, which heats the vaginal tissues to 41 degrees (it is comfortable, as there are surprisingly few nerve endings in there).  At this temperature, the existing collagen in the tissue contracts, and the heat shock stimulates the growth of new collagen. This causes a feeling of tightness and can help improve orgasms after treatment. And hydration – in controlled clinical studies by Ultra Femme, 89 per cent of women reported post-treatment that their original conditions (ie dry vagina) had improved greatly.

“A wand used internally and externally- it’s painless, non-invasive, boosts collagen and prevents vaginal laxity. There’s no downtime; you can resume ‘normal activity’, as Dr Selezneva puts it, ‘immediately. And you should. It’s effective, efficient and lasts – although, in young women, a top-up is recommended every two years.

P.volve – Changing the Way We Work Out

At-home workouts are all the rage for 2020, no monthly gym memberships – no schlepping to a gym in the freezing January rain.

P.volve is the new, innovative, fitness method loved by celebrities, models and influencers alike and one of the social media’s most buzzed-about workouts and touted for its unique products. A method you can do anytime, anywhere online or via the P.volve app, it’s the perfect at-home workout for busy millennials and easily packed for the worldwide traveller
How it works: The method uses a ‘pre-hab’ approach that integrates physical therapy principles to activate and strengthen the muscles without pulsing or fatiguing them. A low impact workout that focuses on small, deliberate moves, each movement has been carefully developed over time to push muscles past the plateau points, trimming bulk and creating the visible definition women long for. Their new p.3 trainer sculpts the whole body with a specific concentration on the core, arms and glutes. Consisting of a resistance band, 1.5 lb. ball, a handle (interchangeable with the weighted ball), and two ankle straps, this multi-use system is designed for both on-the-mat and standing exercises, achieving long, lean muscles, without the bulk.

The Laser Genesis with Sana Khan

Everyone wants good skin- and Sana Khan as an inside out approach. Working out of her Sana Avicenna Wellbeing clinic in Marylebone –  the registered nutritionist and wellbeing expert, Sana works to address specific health concerns by giving clients tailored nutritional strategies based on their health goals, including better quality skin. As part of her treatment, Sana offers the Laser Genesis – known as the ‘lunchtime laser facial’ as it is quick and has no downtime resulting in an immediate glow to the skin.

How it works: Sure to be a beauty buzzword next year, Laser Genesis is known to dramatically improve years of accumulated sun damage, fine lines, age spots and to promote the synthesis of collagen after a number of successive sessions. It targets superficial skin, polishing and revitalising the epidermal layer. Laser Genesis is a very effective treatment in targeting acne and acne scars

Non-Injectable Lip Plumper with Dr Nima

Kylie be warned – there’s a new, and powerful plumper in town. In the decade to come, women will increasingly steer away from injectables and explore other options. Dr Nima, an aesthetic practitioner known for creating the perfect pair of lips, has just launched a lip plumping lip gloss and matt product called Revive – The Rose Edition that is already making waves worldwide.

Steering away from injectables, this ‘Cinderella Lips’ potion is the perfect accessory to keep your lips looking full, plump and healthy. With results lasting four hours -It’s perfect for a night out.

How it works: The Revive (matt or gloss) plumper infuses the lips with a magnificent level of moisture, increases their appearance and volume and giving you the perfect pout.

A fast-acting product, results are instant.

Liquid Gold at Neville Hair & Beauty

Liquid Gold, otherwise known as the Holy Grail of hair, is brand new for 2020 at London’s prestigious Neville Hair & Beauty. An innovative and safe Brazilian Keratin treatment designed to change messy hair into straight, soft and shiny hair, this chemical-free treatment creates stronger frizz-free locks after just one treatment.

It’s formaldehyde-free treatment and safe for all and great for curly, or unruly hair and guarantees long-lasting rejuvenation. It’s a perfect combination of natural ingredients, including the extract from the cocoa tree, pure keratin and 24c gold.

How it works: The treatment which takes under two hours to complete leaves hair noticeably smoother, sleeker and frizz-free with results lasting for two months. This treatment not only removes the frizz but also repairs the bonds and damage from sun, heat and colour. It improves the strength and lessens breakage which in turn helps growth. The high temperature of the hair straightener then helps to seal the active ingredients have an effect inside the hair. Thanks to this new Holy Grail of hair, stylists can unleash their creativity when it comes to colour, as it enables you to go far lighter and allowing other services like bleaching. Liquid Gold is utterly revolutionary in the hair industry and sure to be a must-have in the new year.

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