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Ashleigh Whitfield

Editor in Chief

Ashleigh has worked in the world of broadcasting and journalism since 2001 in both TV and radio. Her passion for good champagne, truffle oil and travel have led her down a lavish path into the world of luxury writing where she's been a main contributor to the Luxuria brand for the past 3 years. Now at the helm of Luxuria Lifestyle UK and based in London.

Gareth Herincx

Motoring Editor

Gareth is a versatile journalist, copywriter and digital editor who's worked across the media in newspapers, magazines, TV, teletext, radio and online. After long stints at the BBC, GMTV and ITV, he now specialises in motoring. Freelancing for various publications and websites gives Gareth the opportunity to drive hundreds of new cars every year, often in amazing locations.

Leonie West

Executive Lifestyle Writer

Based in the square mile, where first impressions are everything, Leonie is our resident 'City Insider'. With beauty and fitness fanaticism, fascination with self improvement and facing that common daily struggle of being a woman trying to “have it all”, she puts water-cooler gossip and board-room bragging to the test, bringing the latest in Executive Lifestyle.

Niki Whewell

Ethical Lifestyle Writer

Luxuria’s resident eco-warrior! Combining a love of luxury with a touch of altruism, Niki is on a mission to prove that deliciously sumptuous, dramatically effective and opulently stylish products don’t have to mean a ‘conscience compromise’.

Kerene Barefield


Kerene Barefield is an experienced and successful television producer who’s worked for all the major UK broadcasters, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Having rubbed shoulders with the stars for over a decade, Kerene has grown a love of everything and anything luxurious from London’s finest restaurants to the world’s most exclusive spas and hotels.

Rachel Evans

Health & Fitness Editor

Rachel is a bikini athlete and fitness celebrity, Bikini Diva Champion 2013, TFE. She is known for her body confidence interviews in the international media. As a fitness model and athlete Rachel continues to compete on the UK stage in bikini-fitness Over 35 category UKBFF. Recently Rachel was cast member on Channel Four's hit reality show First Dates.