Editorial Team & Influencer Ambassadors

We are very proud to be working closely with the following growing global group of Luxuria Lifestyle international editorial staff and influencer brand ambassadors.

If you are interested in joining our highly professional team please apply here.

Editorial Team: United Kingdom

Debbie Stone

Global Editor in Chief

Debbie has been an entrepreneur in the world of business and beauty since the age of seventeen when she launched her own chain of beauty salons and cosmetic clinics looking after celebrity clients from around the world. She loves to travel to luxury resorts.

Ashleigh Whitfield

Editor in Chief
United Kingdom

Ashleigh has worked in the world of broadcasting and journalism since 2001 in both TV and radio. Her passion for good champagne, truffle oil and travel have led her down a lavish path into the world of luxury writing where she's been a main contributor to the Luxuria brand for the past 3 years. Now at the helm of Luxuria Lifestyle UK and based …

Gareth Herincx

Motoring Editor
United Kingdom

Gareth is a versatile journalist, copywriter and digital editor who's worked across the media in newspapers, magazines, TV, teletext, radio and online. After long stints at the BBC, GMTV and ITV, he now specialises in motoring.

Hayley Coyle

Lifestyle Writer
United Kingdom

Hayley is a showbiz and lifestyle journalist and presenter with 10 years experience. She's fond of a glass of fizz, tiny dinners AKA canapes and reading trashy American crime novels. Hayley is also the former Celebrity Editor at Yahoo.

Benjy Barclay

Mens Luxury Writer
United Kingdom

A real life Bertie Wooster, sadly minus Jeeves, Ben enjoys the finer things life has to offer. From oak paneled libraries to equine and rural pursuits. Ben can always be found on the grouse moor or at a race course examining some fine young fillies.

Katie Wilson

Lifestyle Writer
United Kingdom

Katie has been a journalist, writer and blogger for 10 years, working for national newspapers, websites and apps. When she’s not covering news, she likes to enjoy the finer things in life. With a penchant for gin and leopard print, it’s easy to spot her at the bar.


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Influencer Ambassadors: United Kingdom

Owen Farrell

United Kingdom

Owen Farrell is a professional rugby player for England and Saracens. Outside of rugby he enjoys BBQs and learning new cooking techniques. He has a love for good coffee, luxury travel and enjoys finding independent shops wherever in the world he may be.

Alp Cirakli


Alp is a Social Media Influencer and blogger who’s worked with more than 100 brands in 2 years and released 2 commercial videos online that went viral with 100K views. He worked with brands such as Michael Kors, Google, Eurovision and many more.

Raven Navera

United Kingdom

Raven is a fashion and lifestyle content creator living in London with an addiction to food, fashion, and travel. She is learning and growing everyday on this adventure. She's not been everywhere or done everything yet, she's working on that!

Jessica Ruth Patterson

United Kingdom

Jessica is a self made CEO of top PR agency JPR Media Group and they pack a punch. She loves to travel, eat delicious food and relax at gorgeous spas. She's into her sexy boyfriend, working out and watching hysterical political commentary.

Rene Bryd

United Kingdom

Rene Byrd's first passion is music, she has performed all around the world and is well known for her angelic and soulful voice. As a celebrity she is regularly invited numerous glamorous events in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle world.

Lucy Scarfe

United Kingdom

Lucy has been a professional model in London for the last 10 years. Last Summer, Lucy launched her fashion and beauty blog after a growing number of brands were interested in promote their products. Lucy also enjoys creating her own styled photo shoots.

Mitchell Webb

United Kingdom

Mitchell is an influencer and photographer with over 3 years social media marketing experience, he travels across the UK speaking at events on how to utilise social media. Mitchell features a carefully curated selection of visual narratives told via photography.

Jolene Lukes

United Kingdom

Born and raised in London, Jolene is a singer and songwriter and influencer with a passion for Luxury lifestyle, fashion,beauty and music. A number of her music covers have gone viral and been shared across huge social media platforms.

Catherine Karsas

United Kingdom

Born in South Africa, raised in Greece and now based in London, Cathy is an explorer of all cultures, flavours and arts. Her passions have led her to graduate with a Masters in Architecture and establish her lifestyle blog.

Chloe Tyler

United Kingdom

Chloe is an undergraduate sports therapist and director of her own business Flex Massage Ltd. She is an aspiring model and social influencer, gym enthusiast and loves to travel to experience the world of travel.

Jessica Chapman

United Kingdom

Jessica is 27 years young and based in the UK. A Digital Account Manager by day, a food, fashion, lifestyle blogger by night with an eye for luxury. She enjoys cooking, meeting new people, travelling to exotic destinations and discovering new restaurants and destinations.

Cresta Okonkwo

United Kingdom

Cresta is currently studying Politics & International Relations in London. Since the age of 4, she has had a passion for dance. She loves blogging and is excited to be a part of the LL team.

Kirstie Melella

United Kingdom

Kirstie has a Diploma in interior Design and an NVQ in professional makeup. She is currently working in corporate marketing. Kirstie has passion for beauty, interior design, travel, fitness and fashion. She enjoys nights in London discovering restaurants.

Aida Noor

United Kingdom

Aida is a scientist and uses her social media influence to promote her positive attitude: I think, I write, I speak. She dreams of making a difference by sharing her thoughts. Aida loves to explore different places and has interests in fashion and makeup.

Sophia Sellwood

United Kingdom

Sophia has a BA Hons in Fashion and thoroughly enjoys working in the industry. She is an enthusiast for fashion, fitness, travel, events and all things luxurious in life. Sophia has launched her blog and is looking forward to a successful year.