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June 26, 2020

2 Fingers – Reviving the Lost Craft of Tartare Sauce

Discover the lost craft of tartare sauce, with street food sensation 2 Fingers’ new range of artisan chunky tartare sauces. Overtime, tartare sauce has become an unpleasant, vinegary companion for our love of fish and seafood.

Well, not anymore!

2 Fingers’ Chunky Tartare Sauce range consists of four varieties – Original (including Original Vegan), spicy Creole and fiery Wasabi, made with fresh wasabi grown in the UK.

Produced in small batches, using free-range egg mayonnaise, 2 Fingers Chunky Tartare Sauces come packed with echalion shallots, lilliput capers and cornichons, with no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

2 Fingers range of artisan chunky sauces take inspiration from around the world, for a more contemporary take on the classic tartare sauce of days gone by.

Creole Tartare Sauce

2 Fingers Creole Chunky Tartare Sauce looks towards the Deep South, in particular to Louisiana’s Creole cuisine, a unique style of food culture originating in New Orleans, in the early 1700s.

The spicy Creole sauce is made using jalapeños, fresh coriander and red chillies and is spiked with Tabasco® hot pepper sauce. Great with calamari, jumbo king shrimp and southern fried chicken.

Wasabi Tartare Sauce

2 Fingers Wasabi Chunky Tartare Sauce pays homage to traditional ingredients from the land of the rising sun, and the philosophy of utilising fresh, simple flavours and seasonings.

This fiery wasabi sauce is made using fresh British Wasabi from Dorset, grown in spring water, Karashi mustard and lashings of fresh yuzu juice. It’s ideal for tempura prawns or gyoza.

Original Tartare Sauce

And for those who are sticklers for tradition, 2 Fingers Original Chunky Tartare Sauce is the quintessential partner to your fish suppers.

Honestly and precisely made, with fresh tarragon, parsley and cut with zesty lemon – it’s the perfect companion for fish & chips, scampi & fish finger sandwiches.

Original Vegan Tartare Sauce

Purely plant-based tendencies? Then enter – 2 Fingers Original Vegan Chunky Tartare Sauce, which is made using vegan mayonnaise, containing no eggs or cholesterol.

Based on the Original Chunky Tartare Sauce recipe, the vegan sauce is made using fresh tarragon, parsley and zesty lemon – a delicious addition to potato salad, slaws and onion bhajis.

Can’t make up your mind?

2 Fingers Triple Chunky Tartare Sauce Set will be sure to liven up any mealtime. The triple chunky set includes the Original, spicy Creole and fiery wasabi tartare sauces. And if you still can’t decide, why not treat your nearest and dearest with a 2 Fingers eGift card.

2 Fingers Chunky Tartare Sauce range is now available online and at selected independent retailers and restaurants, with a suggested retail price of £4.50

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