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2017 Numerology Signals Kicking Old Habits With Yoga Practise

January 12, 2017

Private yoga classes in the comfort of your own home or office, are provided by Yogi2Me, with over 30 of London’s top yoga teachers available to come to you anywhere, anytime.

Speaking to us exclusively for Luxuria Lifestyle readers, Sarah Drai of Yogi2Me says 2017 is about new beginnings and closing the door on old unhealthy habits.

“In numerology, 2017 adds up to 1, a new cycle for new beginnings and new projects.  As we leave 2016 behind we close a cycle of 9 years to start a new one that will end in 2026.”  So if you want to kick an old unhealthy habit this year, read on!  “2017 or number 1 is a number about new initiatives so instead of entering the year with big life resolutions such as stop smoking, stop eating cakes or being a shopaholic think of including positive initiatives.  Start relaxing, start eating healthy foods and start practicing yoga!”

Yoga can be challenging at the start, but over time you will improve your flexibility, build physical strength and make your body less vulnerable to building up stress, taking its toll on your body.  You will also see a big change in your mind set.  By creating positive physical moves for your body, you will bring positive thoughts for your mind.  And vice versa.

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“With a strong mind, you can control your life and start ticking your 2017 bucket list to 2026.  So grab your mat and start your yoga journey today.” says Sarah.

The key with yoga is to not give up, because practise makes perfect – it takes years to master a strong yoga practice.  Pick the most suitable teacher and class. When you find the yoga type and teacher you like, set yourself a realistic goal.  Try to schedule a few classes a week or try to combine it with self practice at home.

When you practise the same type of yoga class you will be more likely to see the benefits quicker.  Repetition leads to progress and perfection which is why, in yoga, practicing the same ‘sequence’ for a while is recommended when you get started.

Choosing the Right Yoga For You
Yoga is easy to fit into any lifestyle and can be practiced in a studio or at home.  Depending on your 2017 intentions you can choose a practice more suitable to you.
Do you want to lose a few pounds? If so sweat with Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga.
Learn how to relax and destress with Yin yoga.
Gain flexibility and breath control with Hatha yoga.
Get your body ready for childbirth with pregnancy yoga.
Practice with a partner and fly in the air? Take off with AcroYoga.
With consistency and practise your body will soon see the health and fitness benefits, to gain a more positive mindset.

“The good thing with yoga is that it gives you energy, you will feel the benefit of the practice and the positive impact on your daily life quickly” says Sarah.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans


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