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March 28, 2024

Ajmal Fragrances: From Farm to Fragrance

Established in 1951, Ajmal fragrance house celebrates a rich heritage that spans 7 decades in the art of perfumery. Holding the prestigious position of being the world’s only international fragrance house that operates a Farm to Fragrance ethos, Ajmal is a grower, manufacturer and retailer of its exquisite collection of perfumes and today is recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities in fragrance.

A third-generation family business, what started with Oud, Oud Oil and Oud-based fragrances has transformed into a global fragrance house and is one the world’s leading producers and suppliers of the finest, purest perfume ingredients.

Ajmal was the first perfume company to introduce blending Agarwood oil and natural Oriental oils with specialist notes that work for Western fragrances and French perfumes. By merging fragrance concepts from the East and West, Ajmal has illuminated new paths for the global perfume industry and is committed to producing the purest formulations and innovations.

Founded by Haji Ajmal Ali – he had a vision and saw the opportunity in Oud, setting out to cultivate Oud oil derived from Agarwood trees within the Assam region of Northern India. He went on to establish trade with the Middle East and opened his first store in Dubai in 1976.

In the same plantation today, Ajmal cultivates over ten million Agarwood trees that produce the purest Oud and Oud oil. Its exceptional quality and profile result from a meticulous planting and production process. The plantation also grows fine perfume ingredients such as jasmine sambac, grandiflorum, tuberose, mimosa, lotus, rose, lavender and chamomile.

Each year, some of the world’s most celebrated perfumiers and noses travel to Assam where they experience the wonder of the plantations, the harvest and the distillation process first-hand. During the visits, they are educated, immersed and inspired by new ideas and possibilities of perfume blending.

Today, Haji Ajmal Ali’s Great Grandson Abdulla Ajmal leads the vision for the company as CEO. A perfume enthusiast, Jacques Chabert has mentored him, and Ajmal’s standing within the fragrance world has led to collaborations with celebrated master perfumers including Dominique Ropion, Maurice Roucel, Arturetto Landi, & Alberto Morillas. The Ajmal family history and relationship with leading perfumiers inspires Abdulla and his team who take a creative and experimental approach to Ajmal’s perfume blend.

At Ajmal’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dubai, Ajmal can produce over 100,000 bottles of perfume a day and through its network of boutiques and global distributors, Ajmal retails over 1,000 fragrance products in over 50 countries.

As a family-founded business, family values, generosity, relationships and community remain at the heart of the Ajmal brand. Ajmal was one of the first companies to launch an extensive afforestation program in the hills of NE India with over 500,000 trees planted and they remain a vital source of income, employment and financial independence to the female community within the Assam region, as well as providing care for orphaned children in the region.

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