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November 7, 2020

Alessandro Calvio – Artistic Consultant and International Hairdresser

I had a beautiful treatment done by the very man himself, Alessandro Calvio yet, it wasn’t all about the hair it was the experience as a whole that made for an overall wonderful visit.

In terms of an introduction about this wonderful international hairdresser, Alessandro Calvio has 30 years of experience and he first began his career with Valentino. He mastered his hair skills worldwide and has even looked after the hairstyles of several Bollywood stars. His work has ranked as one of the “best cuts” in the UK in the Tatler Hair Guide and he was named on the Global A-list of hairdressers of Net-A-Porter Magazine. Additionally, he was recommended by Vogue UK as “one of the best cuts and hairstyles in the city”. Therefore, I knew that I was going to be well looked after and I was excited to meet him in person to let him work some magic on my hair.

Once I stepped in the door, everyone knew who I was and they gave me an incredibly warm welcome. Alessandro even put a paper and pen on the side for me in case I needed to write anything down as he knew I am deaf. He had a facial shield on which made everything feel safe in line with the Covid-19 regulations, yet he was prepared to just have the face shield on rather than a mask too so that I could lip-read him easier.

I also received special treatment as they had a flat white latté delivered, however, I later discovered this treatment was available for all clients!

I immediately felt so welcomed, safe and comfortable as Alessandro understands the importance of making a lady feel that way. I must admit, my favourite part of getting my hair washed was the soothing scalp massage – I think every person has to agree on that one! So, after Alessandro had a look at my hair to see what needed to be done, he decided that I was probably lacking in certain vitamins and definitely iron too. I was impressed and inspired by his knowledge and extreme attention to detail. Alessandro was a great listener throughout, and he came up with some suggestions of what to do with my hair. I completely trusted him in knowing what to do with my fragile conditioned hair and he simply worked wonders on it.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Alessandro embrace his work, as he showed me the styling of the cut and explained why he cuts like that. Honestly, I have never had this experience before so it was really wonderful, I learnt so much about hair from him. I’m already excited to return for a cut or colour as I’m sure I will continue to learn so much more. Interestingly, I did come to the realisation that I haven’t been fully embracing my hair but Alessandro encouraged me to take more care and to expect with that care would come better condition and more manageable locks.

At the end of the 90-minute cut and blow-dry, I was given natural curls with lots of volume and it made me feel fabulous – I literally felt like a new person! My hair was styled and cut with several layers at the back which gave it more volume, it felt and looked so much thicker, exactly what I was looking for! It also looked like he had coloured my hair although he hadn’t, it was the flattering cut that gave my hair a completely new look! My hair was left looking healthier with a glowing shine. I can safely say that I left the salon feeling more beautiful, just because of Alessandro Calvio and I have to thank him for that.

I would like to reiterate, this is not just about getting a wash and a cut, there is so much more to it… you should definitely just go for the ‘Alessandro Calvio’ experience and you’ll see for yourself. He listened, he made suggestions, he looked after me, explained everything in detail and really made sure that I was leaving the salon feeling fabulous.

You will definitely leave feeling absolutely super-glam!

A: 21 New Quebec St, Marylebone, London W1H 7SA
T: 020 3935 0318
W: Alessandro Calvio

Written by India Morse for Luxuria Lifestyle London

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