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November 13, 2023

Angsana Corfu Resort and Spa – The first Banyan Tree property in Europe

I saw a breathtaking photo on Instagram of a woman’s silhouette against a beautiful orange sunrise backdrop at Angsana Resort and Spa; on that image alone, I had to visit!

I researched the hotel, and the reviews were exceptional, thank god, because I was already picturing myself waking up on the sunny island of Corfu, capturing the sunrise with my own eyes.

Angsana Corfu Resort and Spa is the first Banyan Tree property in Europe, combining authentic Greek hospitality with Asian influences with stunning backdrops of the clear Ionian Sea.

We arrived at the hotel around 11 a.m. and had a grand tour; the hotel is stunning, the design is modern and has minimalist decor using light colours that create the illusion of space.

As we stepped outside, our eyes lit up when we saw the magnificent 1000 sqm infinity pool. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and it’s no surprise that it was voted the best swimming pool in the world! With the most enchanting backdrops of the Ionian Sea, this has to be one of the most Instagrammable hotspots on Corfu Island.

We jumped straight into our bikinis and spent the morning relaxing by the pool, admiring the stunning view whilst eagerly anticipating our check-in to our room. We clinked our frozen mango and strawberry daiquiris and felt gratitude for what lies ahead.

Room reveal

Our room was one of the highlights; we both gasped when we entered, seeing panoramic views of the pool, sea and surrounding island; it was just awe-inspiring. We had a king-sized bed, a separate living area with a double sofa bed, and a gorgeous marble en-suite bathroom with a giant free-standing bathtub and walk-in shower. The balcony area was stunning. It had a seating area and a cosy double-day bed. In the mornings, we would see the very moment the golden sun appeared on the horizon, turning the whole sky into hues of vibrant terracotta, blush pink and lemon. Sunrises symbolise new beginnings, a fresh start, a new day, and a new mindset. Watching these every morning impacts your brain most positively; it boosts your mood, inspires you and makes you feel gratitude for the earth.

As we entered the living area, we had a welcome bottle of Rose, a fruit platter and a welcome card; it was a lovely added touch; we popped the bottle whilst sitting in our robes on the balcony, planning our week of adventure!


For breakfast, there were endless choices: pancakes with fresh cream and exotic fruits, a Mediterranean spread of cheeses, olives, warm fresh bread, and olive oil, or a cooked breakfast for those wanting something warmer. The breakfast tables offer a stunning view of the pool area, and if you’re an early riser, you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise while sipping your morning coffee.

Guest Experiences

You can explore a range of guest experiences during your stay at Angsana Resort; there are sound healing workshops, local wine tasting, yoga on the rooftop, local guided hikes, olive oil tasting and more!

We experienced the olive oil tasting workshop as we wanted to immerse ourselves in the Corfu culture; we learnt about the special Corfiot olive oil presented by one of the island’s most premium olive oil producers. The Olithea olive oil experts hosted a tasting workshop catered to us, sharing their passion and knowledge on why olive oil is unique. We learned how to taste the olive oil properly and what food parings complimented it. In between tastings, we had to cleanse our palette with a granny smith apple and some water; this was to appreciate the different tastes. We seasoned the olive oil with a sprinkle of rock salt and served it with fresh tomatoes and warm bread. It’s simple to prepare and makes a delicious snack everyone can enjoy.


Angsana Spa, an award-winning luxury spa, offers 11 treatment rooms, rain mist rooms, and an indoor pool. The ‘Angsana Senses’ full-body massage is an exclusive treatment at Angsana Spa. It focuses on acupressure to balance your body’s energy flow. Feeling unexplained stress, anxiety, or fatigue may indicate a spiritual energy imbalance. ‘Qi’ is spiritual energy, and restoring this energy could help improve your overall well-being. I drifted off into a deep state of relaxation whilst my therapist worked on my muscles, focusing on my neck, ensuring a peaceful treatment.


At the Sunrise Pool bar, I ate the best poke bowl I’ve ever eaten; it was full of vibrancy; it had avocado, prawns, cous cous, salad, fresh tomatoes, and olives; it was mouth-watering. I thought the menu had lots of great options to choose from and was inclusive of all dietary needs.

We dined at this gorgeous laid-back Greek Taverna, Sofrito, based inside the hotel, that served delicious Greek & Corfiot delicacies. They use fresh, locally sourced ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, white wine and Corfiot spices. We had the most outstanding meze feast, a selection of hummus, tzatziki, olives, prawns and a delicious Greek salad.

On our last evening, we dined in Oribu, a North Asian gastronomy looking over the infinity pool with the perfect view of the sea, and while we were waiting for our sushi, the entire sky had turned a magenta hue; it made the most stunning setting for a send-off dinner! The sushi was outstanding; the innovative flavours, presentation and taste were unbelievable. We tried various sushi, nigiri and maki dishes alongside some fresh sashimi, each unique and enjoyable; it was hard to choose a favourite.


The hotel offers a shuttle bus that takes you to their private beach in just one minute. You can enjoy the crystal blue waters, relax on cosy day beds, and listen to the beach bar music whilst relaxing. We dined at the beach bar and enjoyed a scrumptious meze feast. The stunning surroundings and exceptional staff added to the experience.

After having lunch, we decided to experience some water sports, so we rented jet skis from Hellenic Yachts Charters Company. Whenever I am away, I make it a point to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. However, I feel slightly apprehensive about water sports as I always imagine myself being launched into the sea, which scares me. Luckily, my friend Felicity is an experienced diver, so if I do get thrown in, she’ll be right there to save me. It’s such a special memory, doing things you’re scared to do and knowing it all went swimmingly, seeing the most beautiful views of Corfu whilst the wind was blowing in our hair, laughing all the way, it was so much fun!

Corfu Old Town

One evening, we ventured into the Old Town, a 25-minute drive from our hotel. If you’re visiting, venture into the old town because it’s a must-see. This town is super cute; it has a Venetian feel, narrow streets, cobbled roads, beautiful buildings and an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants. We dined in a restaurant called Rex, which was recommended to me by my friend back home; this meal was stunning and worth a visit if you’re ever in the old town.

Overall, our time in Corfu was full of great memories; we made new friends for life, experienced things out of our comfort zones, tried new dishes, experienced breathtaking sunrises and had the trip of a lifetime!

Thank you so much to all of the team, especially Anna, who treated us like queens throughout our time there, made us feel so welcome and looked after us as if we were family. We already cannot wait to come back!

W: Angsana Resort and Spa, Corfu

Written by Danielle Tobin for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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