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September 30, 2019

Atlas Accessories create Stylish, Organic Hand-crafted Jewellery

Atlas Accessories, which launched earlier this year, is a stylish range of natural and organic jewellery hand-crafted from symbolic combinations of stones, organic gems, metals, vintage beads and tactile, durable leather.

The brand’s mission is to design pieces with a unique style and spirit that are made to last.  Each is hand-crafted using out of the ordinary natural and organic materials sustainably and ethically sourced. Traditional craftsmanship combined with a modern aesthetic allows the wearer to show off their unique spirit and express deeper personal meaning and purpose – the way they were originally used to tell stories, empower and protect in ancient times.

Atlas Accessories uses organic gems such as Baltic Amber, dinosaur gem bone and precious metals like sterling silver as well as other stones launching this autumn to allow for more choice and increased personal connection.  Stones are cut and polished by hand while leather is hand-cut then repeatedly waxed, conditioned and polished for six weeks. Glue is never used. All the products are designed not only to withstand life’s adventures but to improve with age.

Atlas Accessories has five key design collections as well a ‘Design Your Own’ offering that allows customers to alter components to design their own items and create a bespoke personalised accessory that has a deeper meaning to them or someone they give it to.

The range includes:

Atlas Accent:

A range combining texture and touch with elegance and colour, using rare symbolism-infused beads. Trade beads carry the energy of all the connections they have fostered since the late 1800s across multiple continents.  Snake beads represent transitions, death and rebirth and creative life force where white goomba beads can provide a calming and balancing effect.

Atlas Aeon:

A range based on the European tradition of lovers leaving locks on bridges to symbolise their connection which offers a wearable reminder of a deep commitment or bond to someone or something.

Atlas Affinity:

A range inspired by traditional tribal bracelets that symbolise an affinity with nature and a reminder of or connection to the earth and the natural world. These accessories feature a dark-coloured durable plant fibre bound and enhanced by loops of precious metal wire – including copper, sterling silver and gold with other metals being added over time.

Atlas Amulet:

A range that continues the tribal tradition of accessories providing the wearer with protection and strength. Specifically designed to feel good to the touch and like ancient Greek worry beads, holding and touching them can be comforting and meditative.

Atlas Trinity:

A range featuring high-quality leather bracelets that triple-wrap the wrist to create a look of powerful elegance. Ancient warriors wore similar bracelets – both for protection and as decorative personalised jewellery. In numerology, the number three represents optimism for the future, creative self-expression and social interaction.

Design Your Own:

An opportunity for customers to design their own accessory based on personal preferences, experiences and beliefs. Leathers and stones can be mixed and matched to design a fine-tuned, personalised accessory with deeper meaning.  Once options are selected, the item will be tailor-made and shipped within a few days.

Atlas Accessories Founder Gregory French, a design and execution strategist, adds, “Having spent years travelling and on the lookout for stylish jewellery and individual pieces with a depth of meaning, I decided to design and make my own.  The results attracted a lot of interest and comments from people I met and soon became a talking point. Sharing what each piece meant to me was a great way of opening up and connecting with others and in turn, people would share their stories with me. So I set out to find skilled craftspeople to work with on developing a collection to sell. Giving back is also fundamental to the Atlas Accessories brand and this is why we have joined 1% for the Planet but committing 5% of gross revenue to charity.  As part of our commitment to positive action, the business is also giving its customers the choice of which charities we support so they experience positive action of giving back.”

Please visit Atlas Accessories to view these fabulous pieces, all of which come with a three-year guarantee and there is free postage for online orders until the end of this year.  All the packaging is 100% recyclable or recycled.

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