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Luxuria Lifestyle London (B2C) Business/Events Club



We are delighted to introduce our new Luxuria Lifestyle London (B2C) Business/Events Club.

Our new club is an exciting members-only group for London’s luxury brand company directors and their PR/Media agency representatives.

 This membership programme has been strategically structured to fully support London’s luxury established, emerging, and new SME start-ups.

This is an elite platform for like-minded entrepreneurs to take part in new business development opportunities across the rapidly growing and evolving digital/online space, and through professional and highly pro-active luxury (B2C) sales and marketing events.

Please find below a list of our monthly member benefits and the joining costs.

Membership enquiries; info@luxurialifestyle.co.uk





£175 + VAT


A member’s luxury welcome gift pack

Two company press releases/corporate premium feature articles showcased and promoted each month in Luxuria Lifestyle London and in our 2020 globally award-winning Luxuria Lifestyle International e-magazine. Coverage example HERE.

Your company logo added to our www.luxurialifestyle.co.uk club members page for the duration of your membership period, linked to your website.

An advertising business banner/large promotional box featured on our Luxuria Lifestyle London home page for 7 days from the start of your membership, with an image, text, website links, and social media handles.

Structured social media support, facilitated by our team.

An invitation, during C19, to take part in a monthly virtual/online event, delivering valuable business development seminars and presentations.

Or post C19/allowing..

An invitation to attend one monthly luxury lifestyle event in London at a premium venue with luxury food and beverages.

Our London luxury events all include new sales and marketing opportunities, new client access, a luxury brand/press photoshoot, a luxury guest gift pack, an event photo gallery link, and structured social media postings.



£450 + VAT

All of the 1 Month Member benefits PLUS…


 Access to a monthly sales promotion/brand endorsement to over 40,000 consumers via our private Luxuria Lifestyle London email newsletter.

4 new x luxury banner adverts including design, linked to your website for the duration of your membership period with approx. 20,000 views per month.



£850 + VAT

All of 1 and 3 Month Member benefits PLUS…


An invitation to showcase your brand during your 6 month membership period at one luxury (B2C) sales and marketing lifestyle event in London with an exhibition stand to include 4 staff and 10 invited VIP guests.

An opportunity to hold and co-host one of our luxury London events in your premises to promote and present your business, brand, location, and venue.




It is a very simple process to join our Luxuria Lifestyle London Business Club as follows..

+ Please click on the JOIN NOW button below and kindly fill in our online new members joining form.

+ Pay your desired/chosen membership period fee for 1, 3, or 6-months by Paypal using businessclub@luxurialifestyle.co.uk  remembering to add the 20% VAT to each membership price and level.


+ Request a call back by checking the appropriate box on the new member form from one of our London company directors, before payment is made and formally joining.

Once these activities have taken place, one of our London directors will personally phone you within 24 hours to welcome you to our club and to run through the next steps/roll-out process, etc.


Join Now


For all members connections please email; info@luxurialifestyle.co.uk


Ashton and Minihaha  /  Joint Managing Directors Luxuria Lifestyle London

Instagram / #Luxurialife