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July 26, 2020

Dr Sophie Shotter Aesthetics specialist extraordinaire

Dr Sophie Shotter, 36, of English and German heritage, is one to watch. Having hit the aesthetics scene six years ago, she has built a commendable reputation amongst her peers, having garnered notoriety as an expert aesthetics trainer and commendable injector, as well as gathering numerous awards for her business acumen and winning the most coveted of awards in 2019 for Best Clinic South England for Illuminate Skin Clinic.

Starting out as an anaesthetist, Dr Sophie first took a keen interest in aesthetics 2012.


Dr Sophie has a passion for achieving natural, balanced results with injectables and threads, supported with good in-clinic skin treatments, such as peels and collagen-induction therapy. Dr Sophie also strongly advocates an effective, at-home skincare regime (to support treatment results) and is regularly researching the best products on the market to recommend to her patients. Dr Sophie’s passion for safety and regulations has seen her take on many cases pro-bono to help victims of botched procedures who cannot afford the necessary aftercare. Dr Sophie is actively raising awareness of aesthetic safety and will be taking on a new role in 2020 as joint complications lead for Allergan, to help Allergan support their clients who are experienced treatment complications.


Dr Sophie is founder and medical director of the award-winning Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kent. She opened this premium clinic four years ago with a vision of delivering a selection of the best holistic services that blend aesthetics with wellness, teamed with an unrivalled patient consultation protocol. Dr Sophie launched Women’s Wellness Services in spring 2019 to help women to take control of their wellbeing, offering smear tests and HPV vaccines out of normal clinic hours. Dr Sophie also regularly practices from the multi-award-winning The Cosmetic Skin ClinicÒ, founded by Dr Tracy Mountford. There she is often back-to-back with patients, administering injectables and threads to bring balance and contours to the face, whilst adding volume and smoothing outlines.

Brand Ambassador Roles

Allergan, the largest, global pharmaceutical provider of injectable products including world-renowned BOTOXÒ, carefully monitors industry talent before inviting them to join their mentorship programme or become a faculty member. Dr Sophie was personally mentored by Dr Mauricio de Maio and joined the talented faculty board in 2019.

Dr Sophie also supports brands such as Skin Better Science, NeoStrata, AQ Skin Solutions and RRS Biorevitalisation as a media and industry spokesperson.

Case Studies

Rula Lenska: 70, Dermal filler for volume and contouring.

Commended for her exquisite work, Dr Sophie most famously transformed 70-year-old actress Rula Lenska (a long term patient of The Cosmetic Skin ClinicÒ) by carefully and creatively injecting her with filler that took years off her and subtly lifted and sculpted her face. This three-stage dermal filler treatment is bespoke to the patient, but known as ‘The CSC Layer Lift’.

Dr Sophie says: “I met with 70-year-old Rula at The Cosmetic Skin ClinicÒ in London just as she was starting to film for Coronation Street again. She does have incredible bone structure, but had lost a lot of volume and looked a little hollow with noticeable jowls. Her main concern was to not look dramatically different from one session to the next (she had continuity to think about!) She was delighted with the results and she didn’t look in any way ‘done’. There were some finishing touches I would have liked to do (around her eyes and mouth), but she couldn’t risk the potential downtime.”

Over four treatment sessions, Dr Sophie restored her facial structure by volumising her temples and cheeks and strengthening her chin and jawline.

“It’s really made a difference. I am absolutely thrilled. A little bit of base, a little bit of lippie and Hey Presto! 10 years younger!” Rula Lenska

Dr Sophie made the bold move of adding just one product to Katie’s skincare regime to monitor changes after just four weeks. She had a strong belief in the ability of the product to transform the skin, but the results even exceeded her expectations. The results of the Visia scans showed an improvement in all elements of her skin, in a very short time. This brave study culminated in Dr Sophie presenting the results at the NeoStrata European Symposium in 2018 and the study was picked up and published by the consumer online magazine, Healthista and trade journal, Aesthetic Medicine.


Dr Sophie believes in a holistic practice. She is trained in BHRT (plant-based hormone replacement therapy that is bio-identical to our own hormones) and passionately believes that balancing hormones is the answer to wellbeing and staying youthful. She also regularly administers intravenous vitamin, mineral and amino acid boosters and infusions to maximise immune response, improve energy and mood and to support at times when a varied, healthy diet is difficult to maintain.


Dr Sophie actively supports products that help each individual find out more about themselves as unique beings, thus helping her and her team to put together treatment plans that will work best. She now works with TrichoTest, a new and unique genetic test that identifies the root cause of hair loss, so that practitioners can develop a treatment programme that will work for that individual. This cuts out the guesswork and ensures better results and customer satisfaction.

Illuminate Clinic Services

The award-winning Illuminate Skin & Wellness Clinic offers popular aesthetic treatments such as Injectables, Threads, PRP, Mesotherapy and Peels, alongside body treatments such as fat-reduction by CoolSculpting, skin tightening with Venus Concept and lymphatic drainage by Body Ballancer and wellness treatments that include, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Intravenous Vitamin Infusions and Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet. Dr Shotter has also hand-picked her product partners and offers skincare regimes by NeoStrata, SkinCeuticals, Emepelle, skin better SCIENCE and Obagi to name a few.

Illuminate Skin Clinic will only ever work with market-leading technology and clinically-proven products and prides itself in delivering a very caring, community service whereby people are only encouraged to look and feel the best version of themselves.


Dr Sophie, unfortunately, deals with complications caused by other practitioners on a regular basis. She often carries out the work pro bono (as most cases come from those seeking ‘cheap’ procedures that are often performed by non-medical people) and is passionate about educating the medical industry to deal with aesthetic complications (as currently there is limited training in place). Dr Sophie is IAPCAM Faculty and recently chaired and presented her own cases at the IAPCAM: Complications Workshop at the ACE Conference in London and is interested to do more in the industry to help patients avoid complications and have any complications dealt with properly. In 2020 Dr Sophie takes a new role with Allergan as joint complications lead and hope to support other industry professionals in delivery best care in complex cases. Dr Sophie was previously the non-surgical complications lead at Harley Medical.

Business & Industry Awards

Having won Best Clinic, South England for Illuminate in 2019 at the Aesthetic Awards, Businesswoman of the Year at Kent Women in Business 2017 and numerous other business awards, Dr Sophie continues to thrive in business and be recognised for her achievements. Dr Sophie is a judge for the Aesthetic Awards, KWIB and HABA and will be judging the Attracta Awards 2020.

W: Illuminate Skin Clinic
A: 14, 50 Churchill Square, Kings Hill, West Malling ME19 4YU
T:  0330 133 1272

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