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November 13, 2018

Easy Ways to Create a Luxurious Garden

If your home is your castle, then the garden is its grounds. Having a good-looking garden is essential as it will often be the first thing visitors and passers-by see and offers space for entertaining. You wouldn’t invite friends into a dilapidated living room, so why do so in your garden? Whatever the size of your garden, from a couple of acres to a small balcony, many of the following tips can help you add an element of luxury to it.

Grow Exotic Plants

Steer clear of growing the traditional plants you find in most UK gardens and opt for a more tropical collection. Some plants won’t survive the colder weather conditions but there are plenty of exotic flowers and shrubs that will. Eucalyptus is a good example, which are some of the fastest growing trees in the world and can reach six foot in one season. Tree lilies and cannas offer attractive tropical flowers proven to flourish too, while cacti are favourite. You may want to look into getting a greenhouse to keep your plants at the correct temperatures and ensure they’re protected. You can easily buy a greenhouse from a garden shop, or build your own with some cut to size perspex and other materials.

Build Patio Furniture

Those with room for a patio should make sure any furniture is comfortable and attractive. With the right materials and cordless tools, so you can start building a table and chairs outside away from a power source, you can create exactly what you want. It’s important to invest in big cushions to add to the comfort for all seating and to stick to a uniform furniture design so it all looks good together.

Add Atmospheric Lighting

Especially for those late summer garden parties, getting the lighting right is vital. Most lighting is low voltage which means it’s safe for DIY beginners to have a go. The key areas to light will be the patio, where simple LED strip lights can be effective and eco-friendly, along with solar lights dotter around the edge of any paths. Paraffin torch lights are always a winner (although solar options can be found too) which add a luxurious and homely touch.

Create a Firepit

There are two good types of firepit you can create, depending on the size of your garden. Buying a metal one that you stick on the patio is best for those with limited space. But if you’ve got more room then forming a large firepit in the corner of your garden can be a better idea. Dig a decent sized shallow hole, use plenty of bricks and create some comfy seating around the edge for a professional job.

Install a Water Feature

In the most luxury gardens there’s usually a big water feature at the centre. Replicate this in your garden, whether it’s a big pond with some exotic fish, a classy fountain or, if you’ve got little space, a small statue that spouts water out of its top. These can be simple yet effective to add with a luxurious touch.

Elevate your garden onto a more luxurious level with these easy tips.

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