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July 19, 2023

Grey Wolfe London – A Luxury wellness space

A Luxury wellness space that combines scientific innovation with nature’s best medicine to design treatments and programmes that synergise with your body’s inner ecosystem.

Based in the West London village of Barnes, luxury wellness destination Grey Wolfe bridges advanced scientific biotechnology, spirituality, beauty, wisdom, healing and wellness practices. A complete wellness sanctuary, enveloping guests in tranquillity and calm to slow down from the busy outside world.

With a pioneering concept, Grey Wolfe specialises in bespoke treatments that align the heart, body and soul, based on the notion that wellness is so much more than skin deep.

The hi-tech hi-touch wellness space focuses on bespoke wellness experiences, catering to people seeking alternative therapies for healing, body and health. Face and body treatments are based on your individual needs, all products are earth-based and natural, and all the technology treatments are guided by spiritual principles.

Treatments mould themselves to guests’ needs and guests are encouraged to spend as much time at Grey Wolfe as they like; resting in their relaxation room after their treatment, catching up with their consultant, sipping fresh herbal tea or wheatgrass shot and journaling.

Led by a minimal aesthetic, the stone design, warm lighting and attention to detail lend themselves to a calming atmosphere and a sleek, luxurious finish. Natural materials provide a calming effect on both biological and neurological levels, reducing stress hormones and fatigue. A warm natural palette of wood and stone offers a frequency to enable relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rebalance, stimulate, refuel & recharge with the Signature Collection of Wellness Technology – the Grey Wolfe Journey – designed to relax your mind, balance frequencies, release toxins and strengthen your inner core. Sometimes referred to as biohacking, Grey Wolfe uses this biotechnology to its full advantage. Their Rebalance Impulse bed is a revolutionary non-invasive mental wellness and neuro-relaxation machine which uses applied neurosciences and the benefits of the zero-gravity position – promoting Alpha and Beta brain waves – to fight stress, improve sleep, refine concentration, increase recovery, and strengthen the immune system. An Attuned Massage uses the power of touch and energy to stimulate organs in the body to increase blood flow to restricted muscles and improve circulation of your lymphatic system. An Infra Red Sauna uses electromagnetic radiation to heat your body directly, it energises your cells to release, repair, and increase your inner light. The last step on your GW Journey is the hi-tech BioCharger session which will improve the vibrational frequencies of the body. To experience new levels of vitality and balance with its natural energy regulating optimum cell function. Any of the Grey Wolfe biotechnology can

be experienced as one-off treatments as well if you just want a vitality top-up from time to time.

Their unique Signature Treatment, I Am Grey Wolfe, is a total reset; a powerful treatment combining compelling elements from energy, sound and crystal healing, to massage, aromatherapy, meditation, breathwork and light language. This powerful combination is infused with love, light, gratitude, frequency and healing to guide you back home to your raw unfiltered self. Using science, spirituality and traditional wisdom, the treatment works to balance your energy, tend to your spirit and guide you to tap into your true self. This unique ritual allows you the space to heal, rebalance and shift energy, raising your vibration and allowing you to find inner harmony.

All their Attuned Treatments begin with the consultant listening to how you are feeling and adapting your treatment. Busy minds are stilled with slow-paced movements, whether it’s your muscles being met with a massage that works to release tension with traditional options of Swedish Style, Deep Tissue Sports Therapy, as well as Reflexology, Lymphatic and Pregnancy Massage, or it’s your energy or soul that needs a shift with Reiki.

For the skin, Grey Wolfe provides a unique Grey Wolfe Signature Tuned Glow – a clean, corrective experience that uses tuning forks, face cupping and facial massage techniques to increase lymphatic flow, stimulate circulation, eases muscle tension, reduce puffiness and tighten and tone your skin. There are also rejuvenating Nóttnuit treatments for Healthy Glowing Skin, and LED Light treatments for both the face and body.

Also experience their CooLifting treatment which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigments and blemishes and give a luminous glow by boosting a powerful CO2 flow into facial tissues, with a low temperature and high pressure. If you want your skin to feel more hydrated, smoother and refreshed – it can be coupled as an add-on with your favourite facial or purchased alone for an extra treat.

All Grey Wolfe body and facial treatments utilise their Amethyst Infrared Therapy Bio-Mat and have complimentary LED facial therapy and complimentary compression boot treatments.

Upgrade any of your treatments with a luxury Quartz Bed to allow yourself to be luxuriously immersed in Alpha Quartz while experiencing a dynamic flow massage, inversion gravity, accentuated by the therapeutic benefits of singing bowls. Inspired by the ancient practice of sandbathing, this massage delivers proven anti-inflammatory relief from chronic pain and deep relaxation – profound goodness for body, mind, and soul.

“Grey Wolfe is a total reset for frazzled minds and bodies, and the ideal treatment for a 360-degree overhaul” ~ Suitcase Magazine

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