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January 6, 2020

How to Keep Your Stately Home and Grounds in Excellent Condition

If you own a stately home, you’ve probably invested enough that you wish the place to stay looking as good as it did when it was first built. The reality with any building and its grounds are that it must be maintained and taken care of in various ways to achieve this goal. If you’re in the situation of wondering how best to go about it, then read on…

Let Professional Gardeners Supply Their Green Finger

The long lawns with delicate alternating stripes that you would find at the Lord’s Cricket Ground aren’t as easy to perfect as you’d think, but they look a treat at a stately home. Also, the plants throughout the grounds need watering and tending to on a regular basis, and any ivy or hedges probably require periodic trimming to keep them looking attractive in their surroundings as well.

Any fallen branches from trees damage caused by excessive wind must be cleared. Additionally, when autumn comes around again, the leaves will need raking up and removing too.

As might have now become apparent, the larger the gardens and grounds, the bigger the job. It’s quite likely that you’ll need to use gardening services to provide the help that’s needed. When it comes to dedicated gardening assistance with larger properties, you can’t do it all alone. Contact a company like Regional Services who can take care of the lawn mowing, leaf clearance, seasonal planting and much more on your behalf.

Exterior Protection from the Weather

The exterior of the building takes a different kind of damage to the interior, but when unattended, it’ll become evident soon enough.

Paint on the exterior walls will show long cracks, or perhaps the hue is already fading which is only visible in certain light. Also, bear in mind that if the property is on the coast, it’ll suffer more from the salt-filled air.

For the exterior, when repainting, ensure that a hardier coat is used. The paint must be for exterior paintwork only. It has different resins which are hardier to withstand outdoor conditions better.

Stone may suffer from the effects of atmospheric pollution, which needs specialist treatment.

Maintain Hardwood Floors Correctly

Hardwood floors are very common in older properties. Many floors that were previously covered by carpets have been restored with a range of finishes and conditions.

It’s necessary to maintain the wooden flooring to keep it in good appearance. Doing so also helps to extend its life before a replacement floor will be required.

To maintain the hardwoods floors, here are some steps to follow:

Clean up any spills immediately before it causes a water stain or seeps into the wood or floorboards below.
Add felt protectors under furniture and desk/table legs to avoid scratching or denting the floors.
Run a broom with softer bristles over the floors to pick up dirt and dust that has accumulated.
Use a microfiber mop to clean the floor once it’s been cleared of dirt or debris. A special wooden floor spray is advisable. Dry up any moisture after cleaning.
Stay away from abrasive cleaners or rough cleaning materials. Don’t use a wet or steam mop either.
Add rugs or mats where there is likely to be more visitor footfall

Check the Gutters

The gutters are easy to forget, but when they get blocked up, it can create additional maintenance issues. The dampness from excessive water build-up in and around the gutters can get into the walls or the roof and create much larger problems to come, and bigger maintenance or repair bills.

While the gutters are most likely to get blocked up by fallen leaves in the autumn, broken branches or debris from windy conditions can wreak almost as much havoc. So, don’t just assume it’s only the autumn months when they should get checked. Water can freeze inside them during the winter. Really, gutters can get blocked any month of the year and should be periodically checked for issues.

Take Pride in a Stately Home

Being proud of your luxurious home isn’t just an emotion or a state of mind; it ensures that you have high enough standards to maintain a certain level of quality. Tolerating substandard maintenance or other services becomes unacceptable because they fall below what’s required, which is an issue when the property is run as a business.

We say this because it’s a fair observation that when property owners let their standards slip, that’s when you see homes go into disrepair. It’s a great shame when seeing that happen, especially to a once luxurious property. It’s far less challenging to keep up a luxury property than it is to deal with too many problems later due to its neglect.

For larger homes and estates, divide up what must be done to maintain the home and grounds in top condition. Then assign responsibility to in-house staff or third-party companies who are sufficiently skilled to take care of the property like it was their own.

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