How To Turn Your Next Event Into a Casino Themed Party

March 6, 2018

(Photo Credit: Pixabay – Naomy Quiñones)

The winter is almost over – and with it, comes spring. That can only mean one thing – party season is well and truly on the way.  If you’re excited for planning your next big event, you should really consider a theme.  Not only do they create a buzz around the event, they help keep everything focused – and fun!

And this spring and summer there are plenty of reasons to have a gathering.  Celebrating team victories at the World Cup, celebrating the sun at Australia’s Commonwealth Games, celebrating this year’s big Royal Wedding or simply celebrating – because it’s the end of the colder season.

So, consider making your next party or event casino themed.  After all, nothing says “luxury lifestyle” quite like it.

Why A Casino?

When you think of a casino, what do you think of?  Most people would say extravagance, class and going to extremes to make things look big and bold.

Secondly, they are very structured.  Sure, everyone goes to have a great time, but it’s like organised chaos as opposed to a free-for-all.

Plus, food and drink play an integral role in any casino environment.  At casinos, drinks are served by waiters, so that players can focus on playing.  Cocktails are large and exciting.  And the buffets are both delicious and endless, to keep up player energy.

These are all important things, especially when you’re trying to impress.  If your event will have clients present, for example, it shows that you know how to go all out and have a great time, while proving your organisational skills and maintaining a sense of dignity.

Achieving Authenticity

It’s important when you’re attempting to pull off a theme that you don’t do it by halves.  It’s not all about decorations and food – the games are important and play a big part as well.

You should have a variety of games on offer. From baccarat to poker, blackjack and beyond, the fun of is in the games themselves.  As the host, it’s vital that you have an understanding of each game on offer.  Before sending out those invitations, read an online casino guide, play some games and really learn about them in depth.  Casino reviews online deal with everything from game rules to new variants and trends, so you can ensure you’re learning in the most productive way.

Enforce a dress code too.  In the real high-profile casinos, women ideally wear evening dresses, while their male contemporaries wear suit and ties.  Any combination of this is fine in 2018 no matter the gender, but should be adhered to in some way.

Finally, consider hiring professional help in the form of serving staff or even trained croupiers and dealers.  The true casino experience is a luxurious one, and a lot of that comes with attentive service.

Draw From Previous Experiences

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not first go and scope out the competition?  Obviously, Las Vegas is the world’s casino capital, and a visit there would really do the trick.

If you can squeeze in a trip between now and the time, you should.  Not only is seeing believing, you can pay close attention to detail to emulate what you like. Be sure to take plenty of photos, particularly if you’ll be using a party planner on your return.

Travelling such distances on short notice can be stressful, so you can look to examples where this has been done well instead. Fashion house Chanel put on the ultimate casino event in 2015, complete with celebrities and of course, couture.

When you want to have a bit of fun with party planning, rather than doing the same old thing, a casino theme could be for you. You’ll impress your guests and be the talk of the town for weeks.

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