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January 8, 2024

Journey Into Motherhood – Items you Need Guide

As the countdown to the arrival of your bundle of joy begins, the excitement and anticipation in the air are hard to put into words. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with wonder, but as a new mum-to-be, it’s only natural to feel a mix of emotions, from joy and excitement to a touch of nervousness about the upcoming responsibilities. One of the most thrilling aspects of this adventure is preparing for the arrival of your little one, and that means getting your hands on the must-have baby items that will make those early days a breeze.

This comprehensive guide will take you through a curated list of essential baby items that every new mum should consider adding to her must-buy list. From practical gear to adorable nursery decor, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a first-time mum or welcoming another addition to your growing family, these items will not only simplify your life but also add an extra layer of comfort and style to your baby’s world.

My Expert Midwife – Hospital Bag Set

Although this item isn’t necessarily for your little one, it’s important to take care of yourself too! This midwife-developed and curated pre-packed hospital bag set will help you through labour and provide instant relief after birth and those first few days and weeks postpartum. This would also make a lovely baby shower gift for an upcoming mum-to-be.

BbHugMe Pregnancy Pillow and Nursing Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is a game-changer! You can adjust the length and firmness of the pillow to fit your body as your bump grows, ensuring soft or firm support throughout your pregnancy. You can use it as a body pillow to improve pregnancy sleep and relieve tension or as a nursing pillow for added support with the baby. The bbhugme has been named the Best Pregnancy Pillow and won multiple awards, making it a top choice for new mums around the world. This product is a non-negotiable!

The bbhugme Nursing Pillow offers ergonomic support for both parent and baby. The tie-around design and adjustable firmness allow you to customize the pillow to your body and different feeding positions as your baby grows. This is another essential if you are planning on breastfeeding when your baby arrives.

Thule Shine City Pushchair

One of the essential choices on your checklist is selecting the perfect pram for your little one. The Thule Shine City Pushchair is compact yet a spacious city pushchair that allows you and your baby to take on the day together. The adjustable leg rest, well-ventilated canopy and padded seat provides comfort for your child, from newborn to toddler. For parents, this lightweight and sturdy pushchair is easy to use even in the busiest of places.

This pram is designed for stress-free travel and includes a generous storage basket that is easy to access and holds up to 10 kg. This means you can load the pushchair with picnic gear for a visit to the park and still have space for some last-minute groceries on the way home!

Sleepytroll Baby Rocker

The Sleepytroll Rechargeable Baby Rocker gives you and your baby a well-deserved break. It fits most prams and can be fully charged in just two hours. It features built-in motion and sound sensors providing your baby with a comfortable and soothing rocking motion. Thinking ahead for times when your baby might be feeling unsettled, this would be a lifesaver product!

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier

If you’re seeking a soft-structured and ergonomic baby carrier that combines comfort with a touch of luxury, look no further than the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier. Boasting a pressure-relieving waist belt, padded back support, and shoulder straps, this carrier ensures an incredibly comfortable experience for both you and your baby. The ultra-soft mesh gently envelops your little one, fostering a continuous sense of closeness. With its user-friendly design and lightweight build, this carrier is not only easy to use but also conveniently portable, fitting effortlessly into your pram or nappy bag.

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bundle with Toy

Another must-have is a baby bouncer! These lightweight bouncers are easy to move around and take with you – they’re a cosy place for your baby to play close by you, while you have your hands free for a while. The natural rocking of a bouncer usually has a comforting effect on a very young baby. As your baby grows and learns how to control the rocking, the bouncer becomes even more fun, and also stimulates your baby’s balance and motor skills. A toy makes the bouncer even more fun.

The White Company – Hydrocotton Baby Robe

A robe is by no means an essential item… but this is one of those little luxuries for your new bundle of joy and it also keeps your baby warm after bath time which is something you do need to consider.

This robe is made from beautifully plush cotton towelling that’s absorbent and fast-drying. It comes with generous pockets, a tie belt and a handy hanging loop. The White Company cosy hooded robe is just the thing for curling up in with a story after bath time and features their signature 3D bear ears.

Shnuggle Baby Bath

Your first bathtime with your little one is going to be a lovely moment. The multi-award-winning Shnuggle Baby Bath is designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents and fun for babies. Suitable for newborns, the clever bum bump “newborn support” helps support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bathtime for babies right up to 12+ months. And when the baby outgrows the Shnuggle Baby Bath, you can upgrade to the new, bigger Shnuggle Toddler Bath.

Shnuggle Eco-touch Nappy Bin

Designed to create an effortless change time with a fuss-free, odour-locking ‘drop and go’ system, so the focus never shifts from your baby. The dual-seal odour airlock keeps unwanted odours trapped inside, even when the outer lid is open. For extra peace of mind, everyday touch points have been treated with an anti-bacterial additive.

Tommy Tippee Prep Machine

Have you considered how you might feed your baby? When your baby is hungry, you need a bottle fast. With the Perfect Prep, there’s no more waiting around for the kettle to boil and for the water to cool. This dream machine delivers a fresh formula feed at body temperature in just two minutes – 10x faster than using a kettle! The Perfect Prep works with any brand of powdered formula milk and has an adjustable base to suit different bottle shapes and sizes. You can get this in white and black depending on your preference.

Get ready to embark on this exciting journey into motherhood, armed with the knowledge of the must-have items that will ensure both you and your little one are well-prepared for the adventure ahead!

Written by Beth Davies for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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