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May 3, 2023

Neville Hair and Beauty launch S.O.S. – A journey to the heart of the hair

Neville have launched SOS – a bonding cure that gets into the heart of excessively stressed and treated hair thanks to the Elimain® technology. The treatment senior stylist Aytac Ozbay gives instant results and is suitable for all hair types

The treatment protects the hair, making it resistant to corrosive effects, and instantly re-structures stressed hair, making it stronger, healthier and shinier.

The Elimain® technology restores moisture and amino acids to weak, stressed or brittle hair, prevents wear during chemical procedures and repairs stressed hair from the inside out.

1 – Innovative PH balance
2 – Molecular active ingredients
3 – Hair Shaft restructuring

The treatment protects the hair by restructuring it with different areas in the below steps:

1- A stand-alone restructuring intensive hair treatment: applied as strengthening care to excessively stressed hair, hair with increased pH and loss of protein and moisture. With Elimain® technology, it instantly recovers the moisture lost by the hair and restructures it. A special shampoo is applied to wash the hair, followed by a treatment which is applied for 30 minutes, and a mask, rinse and blowdry.

2-Preventative treatment in bleaching services: can be used to protect against operations such as colouring, highlighting or ombre. With Elimain® technology, it supports the air gaps formed in the worn parts of the hair with collagen, protein and amino acids, which reduce the high pH value of the hair. It instantly increases the resistance of the hair.

3-Preventative treatment in colouring services: can be used both to strengthen the hair and to increase the performance of the colour before colouring services. With Elimain® technology creates an acidic structure in the hair, restoring lost protein, moisture and amino acids, providing an instantly noticed lingering effect.


W: Neville Hair and Beauty

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