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July 29, 2021

Residential Le Blanc: affordable luxury

Marbella has established itself in recent years as one of Spain’s top tourist destinations. Its beautiful beaches and mountain ranges attract people from all over the world, but only a privileged few can enjoy Marbella all year round. Owning a property on the Costa del Sol has become a luxury: it is, along with the Costa Brava, the coastal area with the most sought-after square metre in Spain.

The majestic residential complex Le Blanc, located between Marbella’s Sierra Blanca mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea, offers a total of 22 private villas designed for the comfort and enjoyment of its owners. This residential complex, as well as offering the possibility of personalising your villa, offers landscaped communal areas that will make you not want to leave the complex.

Why choose between the beach or the mountain when you can enjoy both? It is worth highlighting the proximity of the 22 luxury villas to such outstanding areas on the Costa del Sol as Puerto Banús and Málaga city, or the magnificent Casablanca Beach, Cable Beach or Pinillo Beach, as well as the proximity to the marinas La Bajadilla and Sport Marina.

The villas are distributed in 3 rows, with spacious gardens between the plots. To the right of the housing development there is a communal swimming pool with changing rooms and to the north there is a fenced entrance to the estate.

Each of the properties has a private garage for up to 3 vehicles, and as it is a gated community, there is the highest level of security 24/7.

The living room is the true heart of the homes, and thanks to its layout the stunning views from the terrace are a unique feature of the Le Blanc experience. The imposing glass window that connects the living room to the terrace ensures that natural light floods in all year round.

The kitchens at Le Blanc are representative and attractive, in harmony with the owner’s lifestyle and the surrounding architecture, sophisticated in terms of materials and equipment, consistent in terms of quality and functionality.

Depending on the villa, the master bedroom enjoys sea or garden views, and offers a spacious living area and a balcony full of natural light. But it is especially at night, when the glass allows the light and colours to interact with the elements outside, that makes this contemporary home sparkle like a jewel. The dressing rooms also stand out in this room, which are very spacious and finished to the highest quality.

On the top floor we find the solarium, a place for relaxation and socialising where you can enjoy the views that Residential Blanc offers.

But perhaps the most innovative part of Le Blanc is the ability of its residents to customise the villas. Additionally, owners can add a Jacuzzi in the penthouse, a private pool on the ground floor, a lift, a private gym, or even an outdoor kitchen in the penthouse.

Le Blanc conveys calm and peace to its residents without neglecting exclusivity and the most luxurious amenities. The quality of the construction and the wide range of services, coupled with a level of personal attention never seen before, elevate this experience to a new dimension.

Marbella, a unique city

The city is located just 50 kilometres from one of Spain’s most important capitals, Málaga. Malaga has become a spectacular city that attracts companies, businesses, art, culture, etc. Thanks to the fast and safe toll motorway you will be in Malaga in just a few minutes, and from there you can choose how to get around: by train (AVE), which is connected to various points in Spain, or if it is a longer trip you can go to Malaga international airport.

In terms of the luxury of Marbella’s economy, what is most surprising compared to other towns and cities are the prices when eating out. A three-course meal for two in Marbella costs around 55 euros compared to 50 euros in Madrid; a cappuccino costs 1.80 euros in Barcelona and in Marbella you can find it for 2.30 euros.

In other words, when we talk about Marbella we are talking about exclusivity, even a little more purchasing power than in the big cities in Spain. At our Sierra Blanca residential complex, Le Blanc, we know what it means to be unique; that’s why our villas strive to meet all the needs of our residents.

The climate of the Costa del Sol

This is one of its most important attractions, because in this city you will enjoy a unique climate. Those who know it say that there is a microclimate because it is neither hot in summer nor cold in winter, but rather it maintains a pleasant and almost constant temperature.

Is it true? Absolutely. Thanks to its privileged location between the mountains of the Serranía de Ronda and the Mediterranean Sea, a unique sheltered and protected valley is created.

Its average annual temperature is 18ºC. Who wouldn’t want that to live in? A paradise without environmental stridency in Spain, in the heart of Andalusia.

A climate in which you can always enjoy the outdoors: your own terrace, the green areas of the residential area and even take a dip in the sea at any time of the year.

Dream beaches

We cannot close this review of Marbella and its reasons for living here without taking a look at its beaches. They are truly marvellous and you can choose between some more central ones in the city itself or others that are further away and quieter. It all depends on your tastes and what you want to enjoy that day. There is a wide range on offer.

Its beaches are said to be some of the most beautiful in Spain, bathed by the warm Mediterranean Sea but influenced by the nearby Atlantic Ocean. An explosive mixture that will make you enjoy like nowhere else every minute you spend there, whether sunbathing, swimming or enjoying a beautiful sunset. You won’t be short of hours of sunshine at any time of the year.

In short, if you are looking for a high quality residential area with an unbeatable location between the mountains and the beach, Le Blanc is the place for you. You will be able to enjoy the passionate pace and high standard of living of the region without giving up the comfort and luxury of a private villa.

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