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Sexy Food, Sexy Drink and Sexy People – Sexy Fish is the place to be!

April 26, 2017

‘The food is amazing’, ‘The people watching is so much fun’, and ‘the toilets are just plain over the top – in a good way’’ – were the main things I was told when I informed my friends that I had
a table booked at Sexy Fish.  This isn’t a restaurant for those looking for a quiet table for two – the buzz and atmosphere hits you as soon as you walk in.  It’s exciting, busy and definitely the sort of place I want to be spending my evening.

From the extravagant artwork to onyx marble floors and from the bar, top and tailed with Damien Hirst mermaids to a wall with cascading water, there was certainly no expense spared when it comes to the interior.  The decor here is playful, glamorous and extremely expensive.  Located on the corner of Berkeley Square in Mayfair, Sexy Fish is a Asian restaurant serving Japanese inspired sushi, sashimi, seafood, fish and meat and since it opened in 2015, I have been wanting to find out what all the hype is about – let’s not forget that £15 million was spent on this place.

(Photo Credit: Paul Winch-Furness)

We were informed that our table was ready, but the bar looked inviting with its huge water wall and I wanted to start my evening with my husband enjoying a cocktail.  I have a bit of a thing for
rum at the moment so opted for a Pin-Up Colada, which was a surprisingly beautiful pink colour and included pineapple toasted coconut, yuzu and cream.

All the waitresses and waiters here are sexy!  There is an air of over the top elegance – and I loved it!  We were shown to our table in the large spacious restaurant, at which point the waiter
explained that once it is dark outside the whole space will come alive – which it did as the candles were placed on each table.  I also loved the 13 foot glossy black silicone mosaic crocodile which was crawling across the wall in front of me.

(Photo Credit: Paul Winch-Furness)

We opted for the Sekushi menu, a tasting menu of around 12 dishes and the restaurant manager suggested that we went with a drinks pairing – which suited me just perfectly.  The
dishes just kept coming from the open kitchen, each one more delicious than the previous and each beautifully displayed.  Next to the kitchen is a display of fish on ice and the DJ stands
proudly pumping out the tunes – the whole thing is big, brash and quite simply stunning.

Crispy Duck & Watermelon Pomegranate & Cashew (Photo Credit: John Carey)

The sashimi platter was gorgeous but my two standout dishes included the crispy duck and watermelon pomegranate and cashew, and the Thai spiced Stone Bass – which literally just
melted in the mouth.  The main was steak, which was so tender and perfectly cooked and was served with rather posh looking sweet potato. Dessert was a sharing platter of goodies, I just
wished at this point I wasn’t quite as full.  The chocolate fondant oozed deliciousness and the fresh exoctic fruit perfectly balanced the palate.

Downstairs the toilets were no disappointment with floor to ceiling marble and brass fish for the taps. OTT in a very good way.  There is also a private Coral Reef room on the lower floor with
two of the largest live coral tanks known.  Each one houses stunning petrified coral sculptures, specifically crafted to accommodate an exquisite collection of live coral and the perfect
seascape for a colourful assortment of tropical fish.

While the food was delicious, the drink fantastic and the service spot on, it was the sparkly glitzy interior and great atmosphere that really made me feel lucky to be experiencing this relatively
new and very sexy London restaurant.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Kerene Barefield


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