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January 11, 2024

Skin Loft – A Hidden beauty oasis in the heart of London

I was invited to the Skin Loft based in Knightsbridge to experience one of their most sought-after facial sculpting treatments, the Buccal massage, otherwise known as ‘The Yoga Facelift’. Daiva Kamysova’s signature facial has become the celebrity’s number-one choice for non-invasive treatments, so I was excited to experience it.

A Buccal massage is a holistic facial treatment involving different massage techniques intended to release tension and smooth fine lines whilst promoting lymphatic drainage and enhancing the appearance of the skin.

Benefits of Buccal Facial

Enhanced blood flow – Increases blood circulation, promoting oxygen and nutrient delivery to skin cells
Tone muscles – Massage helps to sculpt and tone to reduce sagging and drooping
Lymphatic drainage – Reducing puffiness and swelling
Natural glow – Improves circulation for vibrant and glowing skin

During the facial, the therapist massages the muscles from inside of your mouth, making it a unique experience. It felt unusual and unlike anything that I’d experienced before. I can understand why so many people choose this treatment, as the results are instant. Your skin looks more contoured, and the cheekbones more defined and sculptured.

This treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types, especially those seeking a natural way to address signs of ageing.

Daiva Kamysova’s Signature Face Sculpting Buccal Massage, also known as ‘The Yoga Facelift’ works with the three sculptural lines of the face:

Sculptural cheekbone lines
This lifts facial contours and highlights and accentuates the cheekbones for more defined cheekbones.
Sculptural jawline
This lifts sagging cheeks, aligns the chin area, and achieves straight lines.
Sculptural eyebrow lines
This helps to combat the signs of sagging eyelids.

Daiva Kamysova, Renowned Facialist, Cosmetologist and Founder of Skin Loft says:
“There is now a general understanding that the facial muscles need just as much exercise as our body. If we don’t manipulate our facial muscles as regularly as we exercise, then our skin will begin to sag. More people are realising that having stiff muscles in your face can cause unhealthy blood flow and poor lymphatic circulation, which means our tissues do not receive enough nutrients and oxygen, thus resulting in inadequate detoxification in our system. Through deep lymphatic massage and contouring techniques, you can lift the facial muscles and create a fresh radiant look to the skin. The buccal massage is one of the facial massage techniques that specifically target the drooping of the jowls, brows, eyelids, lip corners, double chin and much more.”


Avoid vigorous facial movements so your muscles adjust, and avoid heavy makeup application for a few hours. Of course, staying hydrated is the key after any facial, as extra hydration will further enhance the results.

W: Skin Loft

Written by Danielle Tobin for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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