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August 14, 2019

Tesla’s In-Car Entertainment Plan and the Rise of Streaming Technology

The incredible strides made in technology across recent years have allowed us to do so much as we look to embrace the life of luxury. However, one area which has arguably been touched more than many others in the automotive world.

The capabilities and functions that are available in cars have been transformed in the last decade or so and how the vehicles themselves work is also expected to change drastically in the coming years. For example, the switch to electric vehicles – or EVs – is becoming a reality for many, while the rise of self-driving is also predicted to even take control of the wheel out of our hands.

Netflix on the move

However, if we’re not going to be actually driving while sat in our cars, just what are we supposed to do with that time instead? Well, the geniuses at Tesla may have just hinted at what the answer could be. The company has been changing the game when it comes to the world of cars and EVs, with its Model 3 now being regarded as the best-selling luxury vehicle in the US.

According to TechCrunch.com, the company’s CEO Elon Musk recently revealed how it is preparing to provide in-car video streaming services to the infotainment displays which are featured in its vehicles. More specifically, he added that both YouTube and Netflix would be among the platforms that are added.

While the services are only initially expected to function when the car is stationary, the intention is that they will then be available at any time when self-driving becomes more prevalent and the person behind the wheel is able to sit back and relax.

A core part of life

The idea that video streaming is heading into the world of luxury cars is undoubtedly a fascinating one and yet another sign of how the concept has become a core part of our lives.

We use streaming to enjoy so many different types of media, from accessing our favourite artists and albums on the likes of Spotify to catching up on top shows like Stranger Things on – of course – Netflix.

The concept has also had a big presence in gaming for a number of years too. For example, if you’re a regular visitor to casino sites you may have noticed how you can play ‘live’ versions of blackjack online, with the games being hosted by real-life dealers via a video link. In more recent times, the idea of streaming and games has been dominated by discussions around Google Stadia, a new service which is expected to allow gamers to stream top titles across a range of devices without a console.

Fantasy becomes reality

However, while streaming plays a big part in our everyday lives, few perhaps would have predicted that the idea of sitting back and watching TV while your car is driving itself could become a reality anytime soon. Yet, here we are.

It seems that Tesla is once again having a big impact on the world of luxury cars, but its streaming plans also indicate that how we use vehicles may soon be about to be transformed in a very big way.

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