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August 27, 2019

The Cosmetic Dentist Changing the Face of London

Luxuria Lifestyle sits down with Dr Rhona Eskander, London’s leading cosmetic dentist to ask her about her revolutionary new treatment that is changing the way people smile.

A striking brunette, and a rising star on the celebrity scene herself, Eskander welcomes me into her inviting office with the words, “The Hollywood Smile is Dead. Long Live the Chelsea Look.”

The award winning dentist and founder of the iconic London Chelsea Dental Clinic explains: ‘just as A-listers are now doing micro-dosing in their facial aesthetics, and seeking treatments that don’t immediately scream ‘I’ve had work done” – natural looking, beautiful smiles are the overwhelming trend in teeth.”

There is no denying that teeth are big business – the global dental market is worth a staggering £30 billion and, on average, the UK is spending more on cosmetic dentistry than any other aesthetic treatments. This it should come as no surprise that there is a shift from straightforward oral maintenance to a focus on what is beautiful.

And as others, perhaps influenced by heavily filtered images on Instagram, belive that bigger (and whiter) is always better, Dr Eskander is a passionate believer in the power of subtle improvements that can completely transform smiles.

“It’s dentistry so good that you don’t know it’s there”, she explains. “Blindingly white veneers and enormous incisors, you know what I mean – those giant, perfect teeth that look completely out of place in a human mouth– what we’ve always thought of it as the perfect Hollywood smile, well, that’s officially over. Nowadays it’s all about “The Chelsea Look”.

A signature treatment pioneered by Dr Eskander, the Chelsea Smile is achieved through minimally invasive means  – and offers an updated, real-life looking and utterly beautiful version of the perfect smile.

Famous examples of those with “Chelsea Looks” can be found on Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow and Amal Clooney – all undeniably stunning smilers but with enough minor defects incorporated so that they have an extremely natural and beautiful appearance.

Dr Eskander believes that this is the future of cosmetic treatments: “perfect imperfection dentistry.” She smiles – “it’s creating the smile that was meant to be exactly yours.”

The Chelsea Look – How it works:

A scan (called an itero) that lets clients see what it’s going to look like when finished. Befores and afters are seen immediately; clients get to see the destination before the journey.

Invisalign is then used to align the teeth (if necessary); this is a system that is clear, removable and predictable. It’s the modern day, clear, removable version of braces that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. The improved alignment that results ensures  that any bonding or veneers done after is minimal, as the teeth are already straight before embarking on the next step.

Whitening with Philips Zoom or Enlighten is next. Both are designed to prevent sensitivity and allow compliance of wearing the whitening trays. For each day that clients whiten they get a whiter result – it’s a gradual process and they can  stop when the ideal look is achieved.

Subtle bonding- this is similar to adding shellac to the nails  – it is minimal and in the Chelsea Look it is ONLY added to the edges NOT the whole surface as this is more invasive. This also means it’s more easily removed if you change your mind in the future and means minimal or no bulk.

Another alternative is Non-Prep Veneers after the Invisalign. This is like adding a contact lens on the whole surface and can only be done after the teeth are 100 per cent straight. Because the veneer is so thin there isn’t the Hollywood look and they’re almost transparent but they enhance the natural tooth in size and shape without damaging the teeth.

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T: 020 7349 8889
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Written by Ashley Pearson for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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