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February 20, 2020

Two of the world’s best bars are popping up in Soho: Paradiso and Dr Stravinsky

This March, two of the world’s best bars are popping up exclusively in Soho for one week only. Established in Barcelona, both Paradiso and Dr Stravinsky have become crowning examples of the city’s theatricality and innovation; and now, they’re heading to London for a limited pop-up at 100 Wardour St and The Den.

Normally situated in a Pastrami Bar and hidden behind the door of a refrigerator, Paradiso is far more than a standard speakeasy bar and has been named #20 in the World’s Best Bars. Created by Giacomo Giannotti, Paradiso is better considered as a Broadway show which sees transformations, props, and theatricality all incorporated into a single cocktail.

From Tuesday 3rd March – Friday 6th March 2020, Paradiso will be serving up one of a kind cocktails from a specially curated menu in the 100 Wardour St bar. Set to make an appearance are:

Kryptonita: “Gimlet style with a fluo colour and the strength of Superman”. Gin washed with Shiso and Lemongrass, Riboflavin, Electric Liquor, Dry Vermouth, Pomelo Cordial, Chocolate Bitter, Kaffir Lime.

Champagne Negroni: “Illusionist negroni with transparent bubble”. Gin macerated with Chamomile and Pink Pepper, Campari redistilled, White Vermouth.

Aire de Jalisco: “Margarita style with spiced and umami notes”. Tequila mixed with Micro Daikon, Cilantro and Mustard, Mais toasted Syrup, Lemon and Ginger juice, Chamberyzette, Red Pimiento, Chile e Canela Bitter, Apple Air.

Caribe Italiano: “A Daiquiri with an Italian soul and a tropical touch “. Guatemalan Ron macerated with Platano and Parmesan, Coconut Water Shrub, Fresh Raspberry, Arugula.

Reminiscent of a 19th-century laboratory, Dr Stravinksy delivers elaborate and sustainable concoctions which fuse together homemade alcohols with local produce; from Thursday 5th March – Sunday 8th March you can try them for yourself in The Den at 100 Wardour St. Lead by Antonio Naranjo and voted as #25 in the World’s Best Bars, Dr Stravinsky combines artisanal produce with a self-sufficient sourcing to create ornate, memorable drinks that have earnt the bar a world-renowned reputation. The pop-up menu will feature:

Truffle Rosita: Tequila Blanco redistilled in truffle, Campari Bitter, Carpano Antica Formula Rosso, Dry Vermouth, Parmesan Sheet.

Camp Nou: Dry London Gin, Fino Tio Pepe, Herbal Syrup, Lime, Dill.

Generouso Sour: Bourbon, Lemon, Egg White, Mix of Wine, Nutmeg.

Soil Martini: Vodka redistilled in Soil, Dry Vermouth, Olive.

Remedio: Scotch Whisky, Lapsang Tea Kombucha, Smoky Cordial, Pine.

About 100 Wardour St

Previously the site of London’s iconic Marquee Club, ​100 Wardour St is inspired by Soho’s spirit of fun and indulgence. The ground floor is a relaxed and stylish Bar & Lounge and as you descend down the spiral staircase you will find the Restaurant & Club with live music five nights a week and killer cocktails.

About Paradiso

Paradiso is a speakeasy cocktail bar hidden behind a refrigerator door of the Pastrami Bar. Crossing the door takes us into a magical space where Giacomo Giannotti, and the entire Paradiso team, unleashes their creativity and amazes everyone who dares to enter with spectacular cocktails on which we use different really innovative techniques. For example, the use of the supercooling machine, from the haute cuisine of the Roca brothers, or the introduction of riboflavin to provide drinks with great spectacularity to our drinks. These techniques have allowed us to place ourselves at the forefront of innovation in the field of cocktails. To continue developing new ways to focus cocktails, we already have a new laboratory in place that we hope will allow us to continue improving.

About Dt Stravinksy

With the will to produce our own spirits, in Dr Stravinsky, we find a cocktail bar that at times reminds us of a small 19th-century laboratory, with a maze of stalls and flasks on the upper floor and a wall full of medicinal plants in the lower one. Antonio Naranjo leads this bar that has reached number 25 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list thanks to his vocation to work in a self-sufficient and sustainable way. Together with Artesana de Licors, a small distillery near Barcelona, we have begun to make our own spirits such as ratafia, gin, or fir tree liquor. We leave aside the show that surrounds the contemporary cocktail bar and we return to the origins but using a great variety in our techniques.

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